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Reasearch on Application of Blended Teaching Model in the Course of University computer foundation in military academies

Application of SPOC Based Online and offline Hybrid Teaching Design in University Computer Foundation

Computer Foundation sentence examples within computer foundation course

Research on Teaching of Ideological and Political Education in Computer Foundation Based on Computational Thinking

Instructional Design and Practice of Data Analysis Course for the Cultivation of Computational Thinking Ability

Teaching Design Exploration of the Course Based on the “6+2” Basic Principle--Take “Computer Foundation” Course as an Example

Research on the Inspector System under the Mixed Teaching Mode of Online Courses

Practical Exploration of Integrating Computational Thinking into University Computer Foundation Education

Matilda: Building a bibliographic/metric tool for open citations and open science

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Computer Foundation 컴퓨터 재단

Computer Foundation 컴퓨터 재단
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