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Epitope Presentation of Dengue Viral Envelope Glycoprotein Domain III on Hepatitis B Core Protein Virus-Like Particles Produced in Nicotiana benthamiana

Performance-Based Program Budgeting in Ukraine (with a Focus on the Local Budget Level)

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Arthropod pests of kiwifruit identified from Chinese language literature

Fertility preservation for transgender adolescents and young adults: a systematic review.

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DNA barcode reference libraries for the monitoring of aquatic biota in Europe: Gap-analysis and recommendations for future work

DNA barcode reference libraries for the monitoring of aquatic biota in Europe: Gap-analysis and recommendations for future work.

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Optimizing sampling of flying insects using a modified window trap

Sustainable portfolio management under climate change

Coordinate Frames and the Stress Matrix

A Review of Approaches for Automated Habitat Mapping and their Potential Added Value for Biodiversity Monitoring Projects

Iran and Palestine, Past, Present, Future

Video Clip and Artiste’s Image as Tools of the Song Hit’s Mediavirus Action Strengthening (Based on the Ukrainian and Russian Compositions of Late 20th – Early 21st Centuries)

Similarity of Continuous Optimization Problems from the Algorithm Performance Perspective

On Freedom from Interference in Mixed-Criticality Systems: A Causal Learning Approach

Crowdsourced Traffic Event Detection and Source Reputation Assessment Using Smart Contracts

Discussion of some recent literature on hydrogen-embrittlement mechanisms: addressing common misunderstandings

The 2018 American Steel Tariffs: Incidence, Pass-Through, and Price Coordination

Detection and verification of 2.3 million cancer mutations in NCI60 cancer cell lines with a cloud search engine.

Encyclopedia of major marketing strategies, volume 4

NOMA Based Satellite Communication Networks: Architectures, Techniques and Challenges

3D printing of musculoskeletal tissues: impact on safety and health at work

Sustainable financing mechanisms for strengthening mental health systems in Nigeria

An empirical analysis of professionalism demonstration about standardized training physician from the perspective of chronic diseases patients

Health Insurance and Out-of-Pocket Costs in the Last Year of Life Among Decedents Utilizing the ICU

Remotely Sensed Freeze-Thaw from the Soil Moisture Active Passive Instrument to Inform the Timing of Seasonal Load Restrictions in Alaska

Recent Progress in Piezo‐Phototronic Effect Enhanced Solar Cells

A Techno Economic Analysis of the Power-to-Gas Route

Systems leadership in health and social care

Argument ontology for describing scientific articles: A statistical study based on articles from two research areas

Tetrodotoxin: History, Biology, and Synthesis.

Fluorescence imaging guided CpG nanoparticles-loaded IR820-hydrogel for synergistic photothermal immunotherapy.

Emerging Diversity in Lipid–Protein Interactions

A Pipeline for ctDNA Detection Following Primary Tumor Profiling Using a Cancer-Related Gene Sequencing Panel.

Vocational Learning: Fresh Perspectives

Optimizing an Inner-Continental Shelf Geologic Framework Investigation through Data Repurposing and Machine Learning

Statistical methods for genome-wide association studies.

An overview of radiation effects on electronic devices under severe accident conditions in NPPs, rad-hardened design techniques and simulation tools

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Comprehensive Coverage 포괄적인 범위

Comprehensive Coverage 포괄적인 범위
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