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Smart, Portable, and Noninvasive Diagnostic Biosensors for Healthcare

Silicon photonics waveguide array sensor for selective detection of VOCs at room temperature

Development of Miniaturized Water Quality Monitoring System Using Wireless Communication

Real-time localization of transmission sources using a formation of micro aerial vehicles

Disentangling balance impairments in spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy

Fibre cladding interferometers and Bragg gratings made via plane by plane femtosecond laser inscription

The role of dietary non-heme iron load and peripheral nerve inflammation in the development of peripheral neuropathy (PN) in obese non-diabetic leptin-deficient ob/ob mice

All-in-Fiber Cladding Interferometric and Bragg Grating Components Made via Plane-by-Plane Femtosecond Laser Inscription

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Compound Sensor 복합 센서

Compound Sensor 복합 센서
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