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Composting Process sentence examples within municipal solid waste

The evolution of compost stability and maturity during the full-scale treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste.

Effect of biochar addition on the OFMSW composting process under real conditions.

Composting Process sentence examples within % dung +

Potentiality of Indigenous Earthworms (Perionyx excavatus, Perrier and Lampito mauritii, Kinberg) in Managing Lignocellulosic Wastes for Organic Farming

Composting Process sentence examples within Aerobic Composting Process

Inoculating with the microbial agents to start up the aerobic composting of mushroom residue and wood chips at low temperature

Efficient decomposition of lignocellulose and improved composting performances driven by thermally activated persulfate based on metagenomics analysis.

Composting Process sentence examples within Sludge Composting Process

Modeling of oily sludge composting process by using artificial neural networks and differential evolution: Prediction of removal of petroleum hydrocarbons and organic carbon

Bioelectrochemically-assisted vermibiofilter process enhancing stabilization of sewage sludge with synchronous electricity generation.

Composting Process sentence examples within Biowaste Composting Process

An enhanced composting process with bioaugmentation: Mathematical modelling and process optimization.

Accounting Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Municipal Solid Waste Treatment by Composting: A Case of Study Bolivia

Composting Process sentence examples within Entire Composting Process

Quantifying the effects of co-composting organic biomass mixtures with inorganic amendments to obtain value-added bio-products

Composting of Olive Mill Pomace, Agro-Industrial Sewage Sludge and Other Residues: Process Monitoring and Agronomic Use of the Resulting Composts

Composting Process sentence examples within Manure Composting Process

Microbial inoculation influences bacterial community succession and physicochemical characteristics during pig manure composting with corn straw.

Minimizing ammonia emissions from dairy manure composting by biofiltration using a pre-composted material as the packing media.

Composting Process sentence examples within Thermophilic Composting Process

Inoculation of Neurospora sp. for improving ammonia production during thermophilic composting of organic sludge.

Thermophilic Fungi in Composts: Their Role in Composting and Industrial Processes

Composting Process sentence examples within Waste Composting Process

The potential of Trichoderma spp. and Pseudomonas auregenosa as patchouli waste decomposer

Calibrated Analytical Model of Low Cost YL-69 Hygrometer Sensor for Determining Moisture Content of Fruit and Vegetable Waste

Composting Process sentence examples within Different Composting Process

Energetic valorization of MSW compost valorization by selecting the maturity conditions.

Diversity in the Mechanisms of Humin Formation during Composting with Different Materials.

Composting Process sentence examples within Scale Composting Process

Physico-chemical changes and maturity evaluation of composts from wood residue mixed with sewage sludge and chicken manure

Effects of moisture on emissions of methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide from food and garden waste composting

Composting Process sentence examples within Affecting Composting Process

Earthworm-Collembola interactions affecting water-soluble nutrients, fauna and physiochemistry in a mesocosm manure-straw composting experiment.

Microbial Bioconversion of Agricultural Wastes for Rural Sanitation and Soil Carbon Enrichment

Composting Process sentence examples within Traditional Composting Process

Effect of Carbon/Nitrogen on Elimination of Coliforms during Composting of Sewage Sludge, Dairy Manure and Sawdust

Application of zeolites in organic waste composting: A review

Composting Process sentence examples within Day Composting Process

Genome-resolved metagenome and metatranscriptome analyses of thermophilic composting reveal key bacterial players and their metabolic interactions

Optimization of Bokashi-Composting Process Using Effective Microorganisms-1 in Smart Composting Bin

Composting Process sentence examples within Biological Composting Process

Dataset of cow manure by earthworm bio-composting process

Differential effects of sulfamethoxazole concentrations on the enzymatic dynamics of aerobic composting.

Composting Process sentence examples within During Composting Process

Comparative Analysis of Different Combinations of Composting and Testing of Soil Physical Properties

Effective management and composting of organic wastes using new developed consortia

Composting Process sentence examples within composting process lasted

Control of a III-phase olive pomace composting process using the CIELab colorimetric method

Lactobacillus plantarum improves the efficiency of sheep manure composting and the quality of the final product.

Composting Process sentence examples within composting process could

Changes in physico-chemical properties during composting of three common household organic solid wastes amended with garden soil

Waste reduction and nutrient recovery during the co-composting of empty fruit bunches and palm oil mill effluent

Composting Process sentence examples within composting process temperature

Improving municipal solid waste compost process by cycle time reduction through inoculation of Aspergillus niger

Effect of Insulation on the Performance of a Rotary Bioreactor for Composting Agricultural Residues

Composting Process sentence examples within composting process optimization

Review of Co-Composting Municipal Sewage Sludge with a Variety of Biological Waste

The Biotic and Abiotic Carbon Monoxide Formation During Aerobic Co-digestion of Dairy Cattle Manure With Green Waste and Sawdust

Composting Process sentence examples within composting process resulted

Macronutrient content of compost produced by earthworm in the utilization of livestock waste using vermicomposting method

Aerobic co-composting degradation of highly PCDD/F-contaminated field soil. A study of bacterial community.

Composting Process sentence examples within composting process took

The effect of chopping raw material on composting result with the biopore infiltration hole method

The Effect of Activator Addition to the Compost with Biopore Infiltration Hole (BIH) Method

Composting Process sentence examples within composting process made

Effect of the compost mixer machine on the quality of compost made from shredded oil palm fronds (OPF)

Management of swine mortalities through the use of a mixed composting-accelerating bio-inoculant

Performance evaluation of a full-scale open bed biofilter through on-site measurements and CFD analyses

Factors that affect physicochemical and acid-base properties of compost and vermicompost and its potential use as a soil amendment.

Composting of Pig Effluent as a Proposal for the Treatment of Veterinary Drugs

Effects of nutrient enriched municipal solid waste compost on soil fertility, crop yield and nutrient content in brinjal

Insights into Variable Effects of As (III) on the Fate of Antibiotics Resistance Genes and Microbial Community during Antibiotic Fermentation Dregs Co-composted with Swine Manure

Novel simple approaches to modeling composting kinetics

Use of Vermicompost from Sugar Beet Pulp in Cultivation of Peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Incorporation of solar-heated aeration and greenhouse in grass composting

Potential and control method of bioaerosol emission at composting process in TPST Diponegoro University

Chemical analysis of compost using pineapple leaves and cow dung as bio-activator

Compostability of Treatment Sludge and Cattle Manure

Can the Application of Municipal Sewage Sludge Compost in the Aided Phytostabilization Technique Provide an Effective Waste Management Method?

Challenges and Control Strategies of Odor Emission from Composting Operation

Migration and Accumulation of Heavy Metalsin a Chicken Manure-Compost-Soil-Apple System

The role of microbes in organic material decomposition and formation of compost bacterial communities

Microplastics in composting of rural domestic waste: abundance, characteristics, and release from the surface of macroplastics.

Biological weathering of phlogopite during enriched vermicomposting

Properties of rabbit feces composting using indigenous Alcaligenes sp. LS2T and Arthrobacter sp. LM1KK

The Removal of Organic Acids and Aldehydes from Gases Emitted from Composting Municipal Waste

Vermifiltration as a natural, sustainable and green technology for environmental remediation: A new paradigm for wastewater treatment process

Study of Bacterial Communities in Different Types of Leachates and Their Impact on Solanum lycopersicum Production in Greenhouses

Agro-ecological Characterization of Vermicomposted Sewage Sludge from Municipal and Poultry Enterprise Wastewater Treatment Plants

A compost heating solution for a greenhouse in north-eastern Poland in fall

Research trend analysis of composting based on Web of Science database

Mitigation of carbon and nitrogen losses during pig manure composting: A meta-analysis.

Moisture-Induced Pattern of Gases and Physicochemical Indices in Corn Straw and Cow Manure Composting

A Review of Composting Process Models of Organic Solid Waste with a Focus on the Fates of C, N, P, and K

Daur Ulang Kombinasi Limbah Pertanian menjadi Kompos Berkualitas

Microbial community dynamics during composting of animal manures contaminated with arsenic, copper, and oxytetracycline

Changes in Chemical Properties of Banana Pseudostem, Mushroom Media Waste, and Chicken Manure through the Co-Composting Process

A review on the status and development of hyperaccumulator harvests treatment technology

Comparison and toxicity assessment of co-composting process by pistachio wastes and date-palm straw combined with municipal sewage sludge

Molecular analyses of the diversity and function of the family 1 β-glucosidase-producing microbial community in compost.

Evaluation of microbial inoculants pretreatment in straw and manure co-composting process enhancement

Composting of Polylactide Containing Natural Anti-Aging Compounds of Plant Origin

Study of Urban Kitchen Waste Disposal in Mumbai

The impact of agricultural and green waste treatments on compost quality of dewatered sludge

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Monitoramento e caracterização de composto obtido de lodo de indústria de alimentos ultra processados por análises convencionais e espectroscópicas

The use of coal fly ash and vinegar residue as additives in the two-stage composting of green waste

Abiotic Hydrolysis and Compostability of Blends Based on Cassava Starch and Biodegradable Polymers

Performance evaluation of locally available composts to reduce replant disease in apple orchards of central Europe

Persistence of androgens, progestogens, and glucocorticoids during commercial animal manure composting process.

Effect of Rice Bran on Continuous Organic Waste Decomposition Processes

Influence of biowaste compost amendment on soil organic carbon storage under arid climate

New insight into the impact of biochar during vermi-stabilization of divergent biowastes: Literature synthesis and research pursuits.

Fate of weed seeds in spent mushroom compost following commercial mushroom production

Aerobic composting of mixing sewage sludge with green waste from lawn grass

Toxicity evaluation and management of co-composting pistachio wastes combined with cattle manure and municipal sewage sludge.

Assessment of Multiorigin Humin Components Evolution and Influencing Factors During Composting.

Effects of turning frequency on the nutrients of Camellia oleifera shell co-compost with goat dung and evaluation of co-compost maturity

Application of UV/TiO2 Advanced Oxidation in Treating Oily Compost Leachate Generated During Oily Sludge Composting

Dynamics of oxytetracycline, sulfamerazine, and ciprofloxacin and related antibiotic resistance genes during swine manure composting.

Performance of mature compost to control gaseous emissions in kitchen waste composting.

Composting Process 퇴비화 과정

Composting Process 퇴비화 과정
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