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Revealing the effect of reaction parameters towards alkyl group distribution in in-situ transesterification of Chlorella vulgaris

The Molecular-Level Composition and Acute Toxicity of Photosolubilized Petrogenic Carbon.

Development of a new vacuum impregnation method at room atmosphere to produce silver–copper oxide nanoparticles on activated carbon for antibacterial applications

The CAMS reanalysis of atmospheric composition

The role of vehicle metamorphosis on triamcinolone acetonide delivery to the skin from microemulsions.

The self-sustaining decomposition of ammonium nitrate fertiliser: Case study, Escombreras valley, Spain.

A tyrosinase inhibitor from a nitrogen enriched chemically engineered extract.

On the opposing effects of methanol and ethanol addition on PAH and soot formation in ethylene counterflow diffusion flames

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Composition Produced 제작된 작곡

Composition Produced 제작된 작곡
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