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A study of direct reduction characteristics of Bayer process red mud-coal composite pellets

Effect of gangue composition on iron nugget production from iron ore–coal composite pellet

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Influence of Aluminum-Carbon Composite Pellets on FeO Reduction and Iron Recovery from Electric Arc Furnace Slag

Fluorocarbon Carbonization of Nanocrystalline Silicon

Size effect of calcium precursor and binder on CO2 capture of composite CaO-based pellets

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Influence of Carbon Black Pore Former on the Synthesis of LSM-YSZ Composite Electrode Material via Solid-State Reaction and Glycine-Nitrate Process

Comparison of Bio-Oil and Waste Cooking Oil as Binders during the Codensification of Biomass: Analysis of the Pellet Quality

Thermal, mechanical and biodegradation studies of biofiller based poly-3-hydroxybutyrate biocomposites.

Pelletized Composite Wood Fiber Mixed with Plastic as Advanced Solid Biofuels: Physico-Chemo-Mechanical Analysis

Al/Niobium Diboride Nanocomposite’s Effect on the Portevin-Le Chatelier Phenomenon in Al-Mg Alloys

A new method for solving the fission gas diffusion equations with time-varying diffusion coefficient and source term considering recrystallization of fuel grains

A study of novel high performance and energy dense zeolite composite materials for domestic interseasonal thermochemical energy storage

A novel approach on the synthesis and characterization of bioceramic composites

Investigation of Wood Sawdust Effect on Production and Final Quality of Composite Pellets Based on Sunflower Husks

Encapsulation of Powder Mixtures with Frozen Fluids by Pressing

Codensification technology as a critical strategy for energy recovery from biomass and other resources - A review

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Composite Pellet 복합 펠렛

Composite Pellet 복합 펠렛
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