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Water-soluble poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether-grafted chitosan/alginate polyelectrolyte complex hydrogels.

Construction and characterization of Mesona chinensis polysaccharide-chitosan hydrogels, role of chitosan deacetylation degree.

An interpenetrating polymer network hydrogel with biodegradability through controlling self-assembling peptide behavior with hydrolyzable cross-linking networks

3D printable self-healing hyaluronic acid/chitosan polycomplex hydrogels with drug release capability.

Chitosan-dipeptide hydrogels as potential anticancer drug delivery systems.

High-strength physically multi-crosslinked chitosan hydrogels and aerogels for removing heavy metal ions.

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Complex Hydrogels 복합 하이드로겔

Complex Hydrogels 복합 하이드로겔
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