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Executive Compensation Contracts in the Presence of Adverse Selection

CSR Compensation Contract and CSR Ratings

Compensation Contract sentence examples within Ceo Compensation Contract

Does the Age of Compensation Committee Members Matter for CEO Compensation?

The Disaggregation of, and Asymmetry in, CEO Pay-for-Luck

Compensation Contract sentence examples within Managerial Compensation Contract

Corporate Governance and Managerial Compensation Horizon under Common Ownership

Impact of outside option on managerial compensation contract and environmental strategies in polluting industries

Compensation Contract sentence examples within Optimal Compensation Contract

Short‐Termist CEO Compensation in Speculative Markets: A Controlled Experiment*

The Role of Regional Coordinated Development Policies in Corporate Governance:Quasi-natural Experiment Evidence from Urban Economic Coordination Committee

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Financial Markets, Industry Dynamics, and Growth

The Behavioral Promise and Pitfalls in Compensating Store Managers

Systematic review of integrated reporting: recent trend and future research agenda

CEO compensation, incentive alignment, and carbon transparency

CEO pay slice and acquisitions in Australia: the role of tournament incentives

Incentive Contracts and Corporate Disclosure: Evidence from Relative Performance Evaluation

Income Taxes and Managerial Incentives: Evidence from Hedge Funds

Looking the Other Way: The Screening Role of (Weak) Internal Monitoring

Threat of Hedge Fund Activism and Risky Investment

CEO Endowed Trait and Corporate Tax Planning: Evidence from Pilot CEOs

Relative Performance Evaluation and Earnings Management†

Leading by Example in Socially Driven Organizations: The Effect of Transparent Leader Compensation Contracts on Following

Managers’ Investment Decisions: Incentives and Economic Consequences Arising from Leases

Board of Directors’ Remuneration, Employee Costs, and Layoffs: Evidence from Spain

The Impact of Real Earnings Management on Innovation: The Role of Top Executive Compensation

Corporate Strategy, Pay Gap and Employee Turnover Rate: Based on Mediation Model

News Management, Moral Hazard, and the Properties of Earnings, Prices, and Compensation

Impact of managerial ownership on investment and liquidity constraints: Evidence from Chinese listed companies

D&O Liability Insurance,Salary Substitution and Corporate Performance: A Quasi-natural Experiment Based on the “Executive Salary Regulation”

Why CEO option compensation can be a bad option for shareholders: Evidence from major customer relationships

A Theory of Insider Purchases

Design of firm‐specific training in an agency relationship: Who should take the initiative?

The impact of board secretaries’ excess compensation on corporate disclosure quality

Shareholder Governance and CEO Compensation: The Peer Effects of Say on Pay

Optimal Information Design and Incentive Contracts with Performance Measure Manipulation

Flows and Performance with Optimal Money Management Contracts

Impact of excess cash on earnings management and firm value: Evidence from China

Incentive Pay and Systemic Risk

Public-private partnerships for biosecurity: an opportunity for risk sharing

Determinants of Financial Misreporting: A Survey of the Financial Restatement Literature

Team Incentives and Bonus Floors in Relational Contracts

التعاقد بالعربون وتطبیقاته العملیة دراسة فقهیة قانونیة

Tailoring the Weights on Objective versus Subjective Performance Measures between Top Management and Middle Managers: Evidence from Performance-Based Equity Incentive Plans

EDITORIAL: Promulgating innovative ideas in corporate governance

The effect of financial reporting quality on CEO compensation structure: Evidence from accounting comparability

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Compensation Contract 보상 계약

Compensation Contract 보상 계약
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