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First and Second Graders Successfully Reason About Ratios With Both Dot Arrays and Arabic Numerals.

Visuo-spatial (but not verbal) executive working memory capacity modulates susceptibility to non-numerical visual magnitudes during numerosity comparison

A Predictive Analytics Model for Students Grade Prediction by Supervised Machine Learning

PFC Single-Phase AC/DC Boost Converters: Bridge, Semi-Bridgeless, and Bridgeless Topologies

Development and validation of a model for predicting 18-month mortality in type 2 myocardial infarction.

Optimizing contactless to contact-based fingerprint comparison using simple parametric warping models

An improved ROI-based reversible data hiding scheme completely separable applied to encrypted medical images

Effective use of the blank comparison procedure in simple discrimination by infant capuchin monkeys: A methodological note.

Comparative Evaluation of Anisotropic Filters Used to Reduce Speckle in Ultrasound Images

Fixed Power Allocation for Outage Performance Analysis on AF-assisted Cooperative NOMA

A comparative study of nature inspired optimization algorithms on multilevel thresholding image segmentation

Outlier Detection of Internet of Vehicles

Performance Comparison Using Thresholding Based Method for Diabetic Retinopathy

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Comparison Performance 성능 비교

Comparison Performance 성능 비교
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