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Economic violence among women of economically backward Muslim minority community: the case of rural North India

Economic violence among women of economically backward Muslim minority community: the case of rural North India

Civil Security in the Wake of Crisis—Renegotiating Police-Community Relations in Post-Crisis Development in Swat, Pakistan

Improving health outcomes in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Experience and perceptions regarding menopause among rural women: A cross-sectional hospital-based study in South Karnataka

Community Clinic in Bangladesh: Empowering women through utilization and participation

Evaluation of Women’s Empowerment in a Community-Based Human Papillomavirus Self-Sampling Social Entrepreneurship Program (Hope Project) in Peru: Mixed-Method Study

Magnitude and associated factors of unmet need for family planning among rural women in Ethiopia: a multilevel cross-sectional analysis

Effectiveness of Model based Training on Self-Breast Examination among Reproductive Age Group Women in the Community

Women’s Economic Empowerment for Sustainable Development through Indigenous Basket and Mat Weaving in Zimbabwe

S02.3 HPV self-collection in peru: project HOPE

Primary Care Women’s Health Screening: A Case Study of a Community Engaged Human Centered Design Approach to Enhancing the Screening Process

Perceptions of male partner pressure to be thin and pornography use: Associations with eating disorder symptomatology in a community sample of adult women

Cardiovascular health literacy and patient–physician communication intervention in women from disadvantaged communities

Gender Participation in Community Development Governance in the Niger Delta: A Case of the SPDC GMoU

Editorial Comment to Interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome/hypersensitive bladder: worldwide confusion! what has gone wrong and how can we put it right for the sake of the patients?

Intuitive eating is connected to self-reported weight stability in community women and men

A public health approach to cervical cancer screening in Africa through community-based self-administered HPV testing and mobile treatment provision

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Comparação entre instrumentos de avaliação do equilíbrio em mulheres adultas e idosas da comunidade

The perceived therapeutic benefits of complementary medicine in eating disorders.

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Community Women 커뮤니티 여성

Community Women 커뮤니티 여성
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