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Community Types sentence examples within Plant Community Types

[Effects of plant community and soil properties on soil bacterial community in Bitahai Wetland, Southwest China].

An approach to the use of plants for monitoring soil conditions in wetlands in arid areas

Community Types sentence examples within Bacterial Community Types

Metagenome-validated Parallel Amplicon Sequencing and Text Mining-based Annotations for Simultaneous Profiling of Bacteria and Fungi: Vaginal Microbiome and Mycobiota in Healthy Women

Mild Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease Is Associated with Bacterial Community Stability

Community Types sentence examples within Different Community Types

Impacts of market economy access and livelihood conditions on agro-food transition in rural communities in three macro-regions of Brazil

Assessing the conservation status of EU forest habitats: The case of Quercus suber woodlands

Community Types sentence examples within Fmy Community Types

Types and species diversity of Cupressus communities in Southeast Tibet, China.

Effects of elevation gradients and soil components on the vegetation density and species diversity of Alabna escarpment, southwestern Saudi Arabia

Community Types sentence examples within Distinct Community Types

Polarization of microbial communities between competitive and cooperative metabolism

Using Floristic Analysis and Dendrochronology to Plan Ecological Restoration within a Forest–Prairie Ecotone

Community Types sentence examples within Two Community Types

Protected Area, Easement, and Rental Contract Data Reveal Five Communities of Land Protection in the United States

Protected area, easement, and rental contract data reveal five communities of land protection in the United States.

Community Types sentence examples within Vegetation Community Types

Recent Study on Vegetation Classification and Habitat Types of Gambella National Park

Land use planning to support climate change adaptation in threatened plant communities.

Community Types sentence examples within Microbial Community Types

Temporal association between human upper respiratory and gut bacterial microbiomes during the course of COVID-19 in adults

Evaluation of the Effects of Library Preparation Procedure and Sample Characteristics on the Accuracy of Metagenomic Profiles

Community Types sentence examples within Acros Community Types

Initial impacts of COVID-19 on youth offending: An exploration of differences across communities

Psychosocial Factors Influencing Outdoor Recreation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Community Types sentence examples within Six Community Types

Effect of forest management on understory vascular plants in planted Abies sachalinensis forests

Species richness and composition of shrub-encroached grasslands in relation to environmental factors in northern China

Community Types sentence examples within Forest Community Types

Spatially explicit modelling of floodplain forest succession: interactions among flood inundation, forest successional processes, and other disturbances in the Upper Mississippi River floodplain, USA

Drivers and patterns of α- and β-diversity in ten main forest community types in Gutianshan, eastern China

Community Types sentence examples within Three Community Types

Variations in Groundwater Level and Microtopography Influence Desert Plant Communities in Shallow Aquifer Areas

Determinants of composition, diversity and structure in a seasonally dry forest in Myanmar

Community Types sentence examples within Among Community Types

Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) invasion effects on litter, soil and microbial PLFA characteristics depend on sites and invaded forests

Morphological traits of submerged macrophytes reveal specific positive feedbacks to water clarity in freshwater ecosystems.

Community Types sentence examples within Seven Community Types

Classification and ordination of a Magnolia zenii community based on a self-organizing feature map

Subalpine tall-herb vegetation patterns: a case study from the Khamar-Daban Range (southern Baikal region, Eastern Siberia)

Community Types sentence examples within Several Community Types

Palaeogeographical homogeneity of trace-fossil assemblages in Lower Jurassic spotted marls and limestones: comparison of the Western Carpathians and the Betic Cordillera

Site conditions and recipient plant communities as indicators of the origin of a cryptogenic species. Leucojum vernum L. in North France as a case study

Community Types sentence examples within Major Community Types

Floristic composition and structure of the Kibate Forest along environmental gradients in Wonchi, Southwestern Ethiopia

Composition and diversity of the preputial microbiota in healthy bulls.

Community Types sentence examples within Multiple Community Types

Two community types occur in gut microbiota of large-sample wild plateau pikas (Ochotona curzoniae).

Development of a Novel ex vivo Nasal Epithelial Cell Model Supporting Colonization With Human Nasal Microbiota

Community Types sentence examples within Residential Community Types

Resiliency Evaluation of Net-Zero Residential Communities

Cost-Effectiveness and Resiliency Evaluation of Net-Zero Energy U.S. Residential Communities

Community Types sentence examples within community types may

Two community types occur in gut microbiota of large-sample wild plateau pikas (Ochotona curzoniae).

The sinonasal mycobiota in chronic rhinosinusitis and control patients.

Community Types sentence examples within community types within

Heat risk of residents in different types of communities from urban heat-exposed areas.

Flora Re-survey After Four Decades in a New York Bog Lake

Community Types sentence examples within community types acros

Optimized Stratification for Mapping Riparian Vegetation in Arid and Semiarid Environments

Representation of the Pacific Arctic seabird community within the Distributed Biological Observatory array, 2007–2015

Differences in Access to Outpatient Care in the State of Ohio for an Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Patient

Transportation, Quality of Life, and Older Adults

Natural disturbance regimes for implementation of ecological forestry: a review and case study from Nova Scotia, Canada

Evaluation of DNA extraction protocols from liquid-based cytology specimens for studying cervical microbiota

Exploring leadership in Facebook communities: personality traits and activities

Human Disturbance, Plant Species Composition, Diversity and Community Types of Kafta-Sheraro National Park, Tigray Region, Ethiopia

Analysis of the upper respiratory tract microbiota in mild and severe COVID-19 patients

Exploring the Relationship Between Social Interaction, Cognitive Processing and Learning Achievements in a MOOC Discussion Forum

Happy families.

Association of community types and features in a case–control analysis of new onset type 2 diabetes across a diverse geography in Pennsylvania

Factors affecting woody carbon stock in Sirso moist evergreen Afromontane forest, southern Ethiopia: implications for climate change mitigation

Lablab Purpureus Influences Soil Fertility and Microbial Diversity in a Tropical Maize-Based No-Tillage System

Remote sensing of &bgr;‐diversity: Evidence from plant communities in a semi‐natural system

Molecular analysis of the endobronchial stent microbial biofilm reveals bacterial communities that associate with stent material and frequent fungal constituents

Ecology of Subseafloor Crustal Biofilms

Vegetation Ecology Associated with Some Species of Family Zygophyllaceae in Different Regions of Egyptian Desert

Site-specific differences in microbial community structure and function within the rhizosphere and rhizoplane of wetland plants is plant species dependent

Variation in Alcohol Policy Enforcement Across Urban and Nonurban Communities.

Acute air pollution exposure and the risk of violent behavior in the United States.

Biotic homogenization of wetland nematode communities by exotic Spartina alterniflora in China.

What Should “Biodiversity” Be?

Small-Scale Spatial Heterogeneity of Photosynthetic Fluorescence Associated with Biological Soil Crust Succession in the Tengger Desert, China

Rainfall and its possible hysteresis effect on the proportional cover of tropical tidal wetland mangroves and saltmarsh-saltpans

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