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Juvenile Registration and Notification Policies Fail to Prevent First-Time Sexual Offenses: An Extension of Findings to Two New States

Safety in Indigenous communities: identifying gaps and opportunities in Australian crime prevention policy

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Flood Resilience of Housing Infrastructure Modeling and Quantification Using a Bayesian Belief Network

The Promise Initiative: Promoting a trauma-informed police response to sexual assault in a mid-size Southern community.

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How does the local area deprivation influence life chances for children in poverty in Wales: A record linkage cohort study

Do country-level environmental factors explain cross-national variation in adolescent physical activity? A multilevel study in 29 European countries

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Immigration status and policing in Canada: current problems, activist strategies and abolitionist visions

Practice-based insights in developing and implementing a sport-based programme for girls

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Using Sleman’s Verbal Autopsy Health and Demographic Surveillance Data to Distinguish Ways of Death

Do neighbourhood renewal programs reduce crime rates? Evidence from England

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Learning from domestic homicide reviews in England and Wales.

Building capacity for injury prevention: a process evaluation of a replication of the Cardiff Violence Prevention Programme in the Southeastern USA

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What Works (or Does Not) in Community Risk Management for Persons Convicted of Sexual Offenses? A Contemporary Perspective

Surveillance system with motion and face detection using histograms of oriented gradients

Do Survivors Feel Protected by Family Violence Legislation? Reflections on the Family Violence Act 2016 (ACT) from Those with Lived Experience.

AAA stewardship: managing high‐risk medications with dedicated antimicrobial, anticoagulation and analgesic stewardship programs

The efficacy of aligning lessons learnt from significant bushfire incidents to the organisational stratum

An online survey to explore the awareness and acceptance of geothermal energy among an educated segment of the population in five European and American countries

CrossRoI: cross-camera region of interest optimization for efficient real time video analytics at scale

P1.005 Action plan for safety, based on local conditions, national policies, global visions

Do-it-yourself surveillance: The practices and effects of WhatsApp Neighbourhood Crime Prevention groups

Four Fundamental Principles to Enhance Police Performance and Community Safety

Blockchain Technology-Based Good Distribution Practice Model of Pharmacy Industry in Indonesia

Взаємодія Національної поліції України з громадою: нормативні засади

Engagement of ethics and regulatory authorities on human infection studies: Proceedings of an engagement workshop in Zambia.

Engagement of ethics and regulatory authorities on human infection studies: Proceedings of an engagement workshop in Zambia

Technical requirements for a safe performance of TAMIS during COVID-19 pandemic: the role of spinal anaesthesia and AirSeal®— a case report

Key Factors of Opening Gated Community in Urban Area: A Case Study of China

Make Juvenile Justice More Just: Raise-the-Age to 20 Years Old

No evidence that timber harvesting increased the scale or severity of the 2019/20 bushfires in south-eastern Australia

Evaluation of a collision-involved driver improvement scheme

Statement from the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Regarding Safe Courts and Access to Justice During COVID‐19

Seeking Racial Justice Through Data in 2021 and Beyond

SPH modelling of dam breach run out flow for a site planning tailings storage facility


Community Safety and Well-being in Touristic Spots Using Open Data

Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques for Detection System for Web Applications Using Data Mining

Research on the Construction of Age-Friendly Community Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model: Evidence from Community in Hefei of China

Routine pre-employment echocardiography assessment in young adults: cost and benefits

[Influence of Social Capital on the Life Quality of Patients with Chronic Diseases-A Study Based on EQ-5D-5L Scale].

26. Crime prevention

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the PROMIS Sleep Disturbance Among Law Enforcement Officers

Mandated CSWB planning in Ontario: A welcome milepost on a continuing journey

The Ethics of Parental Refusal to Vaccinate: Costs, Community Safety, and Individual Rights

3 Planned community paramedicine visit program reduce ED visits and readmissions


Utilization of the Multi-Pathogen Approach in an Online Program for Prehospital Responders in High Consequence Infectious Diseases

Characters of Concern, or Concerning Character Tests? Regulating Risk through Visa Cancellation, Containment and Removal from Australia

Crime Occurrence, Prevention and Community Resilience in Rumuolumeni Community, Obio/Akpor LGA, Rivers State, Nigeria

Exploring the relationship between housing concerns, mental health and wellbeing: a qualitative study of social housing tenants

Disparities in police proceedings and court sentencing for females versus males who commit sexual offences in New Zealand

A Digital Model for Smart City using Internet of Things (IoT)

Police volunteers in the Netherlands: a study on policy and practice

The Injury Workforce in Western Australia: findings from a cross-sectional survey.

Edinburgh 2019: Never more timely and never more urgent

What we know and what we think we know: Revealing misconceptions about coastal management for sandy beaches along the U.S. Atlantic Seaboard.

Supporting people with cognitive disabilities in contact with the criminal justice system: the importance of relationship-based practice

Influence of Parent Stressors on Adolescent Obesity in African American Youth

Use of Gravel Loss Prediction Models in the Design and Management of Unsealed Road Pavements

Discussions on a Rapidly Changing Society and Early Childhood Safety Education: Focusing on Educational Ecosystem

Community Newspaper as a Tool for Community Development: A Readers’ Perception Study of Idikelethu Newspaper in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The dangers of non-powder firearms

Court as a health intervention to advance Canada’s achievement of the sustainable development goals : a multi-pronged analysis of Vancouver’s Downtown Community Court

Editorial: Information sharing—Easy to say … much harder to do than we want to believe!

Health-Predictive Social-Environmental Stressors and Social Buffers Are Place Based: A Multilevel Example From San Bernardino Communities

Using multi-agency, multi-professional collaboration to reduce serious violence and organized crime

New public management and the extension of police control: community safety and security networks in Canada

Health care utilization by people with HIV on release from provincial prison in Ontario, Canada in 2010: a retrospective cohort study

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Community Safety 지역사회 안전

Community Safety 지역사회 안전
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