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SENSEI: Harnessing Community Wisdom for Local Environmental Monitoring in Finland

Blame it on austerity? Examining the impetus behind London’s changing green space governance

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New public management and the extension of police control: community safety and security networks in Canada

Well-being and its determinants from the perspective of the Palestinian youth in the occupied Palestinian territory

Editorial: How youth mental healthcare is being transformed in diverse settings across Canada: Reflections on the experience of the ACCESS Open Minds network

How do you Build Back Better so no one is left behind? Lessons from Sint Maarten, Dutch Caribbean, post-Hurricane Irma.

An evaluation of community-managed libraries in Liverpool

Working in social prescribing services: a qualitative study.

Food Ladders: A multi-scaled approach to everyday food security and community resilience


Redefining Engagement with Socio-spatially Marginalised Populations: Learning from Ghana’s Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development

P5 Service use at the end of life: how ethics and values drive choice in ultra orthodox jews

Hul’q’umi’num’ language heroes: a successful collaboration between Elders, community organisations, and Canadian West Coast universities

Pressing challenges facing the South African labour movement: An interview with john appolis and dinga sikwebu

Benefits of visiting heritage museums: Chinese parents’ perspectives

Evaluation of a community based dental clinic for youth experiencing homelessness in Brisbane

Community-based Disaster Management and Its Salient Features: A Policy Approach to People-centred Risk Reduction in Bangladesh

The association between social cohesion and community disaster resilience: A cross‐sectional study

Reduced long-term care cost by social participation among older Japanese adults: a prospective follow-up study in JAGES

Web-based and mHealth interventions for intimate partner violence prevention: a systematic review protocol

Long-term effect of community-based continence promotion on urinary symptoms, falls and healthy active life expectancy among older women: cluster randomised trial

Inclusion through use and membership of co-working spaces

Recruitment of men to a multi-centre diabetes prevention trial: an evaluation of traditional and online promotional strategies

Opportunities for improving patient experiences among medical travellers from Canada’s far north: a mixed-methods study

Scoping review of social participation of individuals with profound intellectual disability in adulthood: What can I do once I finish school?


Youth Documentary Academy: The social practices of filmmaking and media advocacy

Building Capacity for Research: The Lowitja Institute

Nobody Left Outside (NLO) Checklist: Improving access to healthcare for vulnerable and underserved groups

Healthcare access of immigrants: An integrated ecological framework

Making Space for Social Integration

O-18 Welcoming FREDIE

Promotion of Appropriate Use of Electronic Devices Among Hong Kong Adolescents

La contribution des Universités dans la mise en œuvre des ODD au Sénégal : le cas de l’Université Alioune Diop de Bambey

The gendered impacts of technological change for public transport workers in the Global South

Barriers and facilitators of immunisation in refugees and migrants in Australia: an east-African case study.

Participation and conflict between local community and institutions in conservation processes: The case of Novara Old Town

Challenges of Elderly and Social Work Interventions: A Study in Visakhapatnam

Family violence knowledge in culturally diverse communities and organisational preparedness to disseminate information.

More time in the kitchen, less time on the streets: the micropolitics of cultivating an ethic of care in alternative food networks

Community Ownership of local Assets: conditions for sustainable success

Occupational therapy services and perception of integration of these at primary healthcare level in South Africa

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Community Organisation 커뮤니티 조직
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