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Rheumatic Heart Disease in the United States: Forgotten But Not Gone

Sociodemographic Inequalities in Urinary Tract Infection in 2 Large California Health Systems

Association between community deprivation and practising health behaviours among South Korean adults: a survey-based cross-sectional study

Inverse probability weighting for selection bias in a Delaware community health center electronic medical record study of community deprivation and hepatitis C prevalence.

Dynamic Changes in Community Deprivation of Access to Urban Green Spaces by Multiple Transport Modes

Pediatric Psychiatric Emergency Department Utilization and Fine Particulate Matter: A Case-Crossover Study

Home, School, and Community Deprivations: A Multi-Context Approach to Childhood Poverty in China

Impact of community deprivation on urban park access over time: Understanding the relative role of contributors for urban planning

Associations of multidimensional socioeconomic and built environment factors with body mass index trajectories among youth in geographically heterogeneous communities

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Community Deprivation 지역사회 박탈

Community Deprivation 지역사회 박탈
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