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Community Conversations: deliberative democracy, education provision and divided societies

Why women utilize traditional rather than skilled birth attendants for maternity care in rural Nigeria: Implications for policies and programs.

Strengthening Transition Partnerships Through Community Conversation Events

Community conversations on independent living: understanding the perspectives and support needs of persons with disabilities living in the southeast United States.

Men’s perception of barriers to women’s use and access of skilled pregnancy care in rural Nigeria: a qualitative study

Community Conversations on Inclusive Higher Education for Students With Intellectual Disability

Analisis Karakteristik Strategi Konten E-commerce Indonesia menggunakan Pendekatan Social Network Analysis untuk Market Intelligence

Toward a theory of justicecraft: language, narratives, and justice in restorative community conversations

Research Topics: A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Online Communities to Detect Policy-Making Indicators

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Community Conversations 커뮤니티 대화

Community Conversations 커뮤니티 대화
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