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Evaluation of community coalition training effects on youth hospital-admitted injury incidence in Victoria, Australia: 2001–2017

Context-dependent dynamics lead to the assembly of functionally distinct pitcher-plant microbiomes

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Understanding community violence: A critical realist framework for community psychology.

The journey from epistemic vigilance to epistemic trust: service-users experiences of a community mentalization- based treatment programme for Anti-Social personality disorder (ASPD)

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Meeting Vision 2025: Enhancing Civic Competency, Attitudes, and Engagement Among Occupational Therapy Students

A Delphi yarn: applying Indigenous knowledges to enhance the cultural utility of SMART Recovery Australia

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Designing archival information systems through partnerships with Indigenous communities: Developing the Mukurtu Hubs and Spokes Model in Australia

Capitalising on water soft paths: new futures for urban communities

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Indigenous and Trans-Systemic Knowledge Systems

Substance Use Research with Indigenous Communities: Exploring and Extending Foundational Principles of Community Psychology.

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Individual and community level factors associated with health facility delivery: A cross sectional multilevel analysis in Bangladesh

A qualitative study of community elders’ perceptions about the underutilization of formal maternal care and maternal death in rural Nigeria

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Developing rural insights for building age-friendly communities

Community-based climate action planning as an act of advocacy: a case study of liberal arts education in a rural community

The effects of plant-soil feedback on invasion resistance are soil context dependent.

A Practical Guide to Improving the Results of Preventive Actions Against Child Labor

A Formative Assessment of Social Determinants of Health Related to Early Childhood Caries in Two American Indian Communities

Challenging Custodialism: Families and Eugenic Institutionalization at the Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-Minded Children at Elwyn

Use of non-prescribed buprenorphine in the criminal justice system: Perspectives of individuals recently released from incarceration.

Life-course predictors of homelessness from adolescence into adulthood: A population-based cohort study.

Food web engineering: ecology and evolution to improve biological pest control.

Peer-Reviewed Symposia

What Does it Take to Get Ahead? Individual Characteristics, Community Contexts, and Stratification Beliefs among Youth in China

Investigación educativa socialmente relevante

An Ecological Model to Frame the Delivery of Pediatric Preventive Care.

Social capital or vulnerability: Which has the stronger connection with selected U.S. health outcomes?

Art Therapy in Mental Health Recovery: Towards an Expanded Lens

Simulated learning in rural community environment: pushing the boundary

Suicidal behaviour in adolescents: Educational interventions in Mexico.

Creative Forest: an emergent learning environment

Talking Politics: Political Discussion Networks and the New American Electorate. By Taylor N. Carlson, Marisa Abrajano, and Lisa García Bedolla. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020. 256p. $99.00 cloth, $27.95 paper.

Robot-Mediated Social Skill Intervention Programme for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An ABA Time-Series Study

Environmental Culture and Education: A New Conceptual Framework


The use of music for children and adolescents living with rare diseases in the healthcare setting: a scoping review study protocol

An Introduction of Research Approaches in Urban Agricultural and Community Contexts

Exploring the concept of social art through a single session art activity with asylum seekers

Developing support teachers’ digital competencies for an inclusive citizenship

Using Syndemic Theory and the Societal Lens to Inform Resilient Recovery from COVID-19

Solidarity in the Absence of Sovereignty: Expanding Group Protections in New Research Contexts

A Model of High Efficient Academic Administration for Phrapariyatidhamma School

Co-use of methamphetamine and opioids among people in treatment in Oregon: A qualitative examination of interrelated structural, community, and individual-level factors.

Beyond the business case for diversity and inclusion: Approaches to promoting organizational diversity

Leadership transfer in rural communities: A mixed methods investigation

Ecoagriculture for a Sustainable Food Future

Stakeholder-Generated Implementation Strategies to Promote Evidence-Based ADHD Treatment in Community Mental Health

The Hong Kong Statement on Practice Research 2017: Contexts and Challenges of the Far East

Robots for Communities -- A Value Framework

The dynamics of Hawaiian speakerhood in the family


Communication training and its effects on carer and care-receiver outcomes in dementia settings: A systematic review.

A community engaged primary healthcare strategy to address rural school student inequities: a descriptive paper

Validation of the Revised Ego-Resiliency Scale in a High-Vulnerable Colombian Population

Trial implementation of CIRCuiTS cognitive remediation therapy for people with schizophrenia in Orange, New South Wales.


Teaching Written Expression to Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Complex Communication Needs

Childhood art in community education: Postdevelopmental learning through feminist leadership, diversity and pedagogic invention

From phenomenology to a theory of corporal combat and martial arts

Dimensões socializadoras do currículo na perspectiva de uma Pedagogia Social: algumas aproximações

The role of community context and psychological well-being for physical health: A dyadic study of military couples

Peacemakers and Rabble Rousers: Women Leaders as Activists in Higher Education

From crowdsourcing to crowdmining: using implicit human intelligence for better understanding of crowdsourced data

Amizade e cuidado entre gerações na cultura popular brasileira.

Intimate Partner Violence and the Sexual and Reproductive Health Outcomes of Women in Ghana

Correlates of colorectal cancer screening rates in primary care clinics serving low income, medically underserved populations.

Moving towards Community Cultural Competence

Floral volatiles and visitors: A meta‐network of associations in a natural community

‘What works here doesn’t work there’: The significance of local context for a sustainable and replicable asset‐based community intervention aimed at promoting social interaction in later life

The Power of Narrative: A Practical Guide to Creating Decolonial, Community-Based Projects

Gendered mobilities and immobilities: Women’s and men’s capacities for agricultural innovation in Kenya and Nigeria

Increasing Cultural Competence in Support of Indigenous-Led Evaluation: A Necessary Step toward Indigenous-Led Evaluation

Refugee Student Integration: A Focus on Settlement, Education, and Psychosocial Support

A Group-based Career Guidance Intervention for South African High School Learners from Low-income Communities

Translanguaging in a Chinese immersion classroom: an ecological examination of instructional discourses

A importância do grupo de cessação ao tabagismo nas UBS: um relato de experiência dos graduandos em Odontologia

Sense of community, psychological empowerment, and relational structure at the individual and organizational levels: Evidence from a multicase study.

Learning Environments and Pupils’ Participation in Primary Education in Nairobi Urban Slums

Supporting participative pre‐flood risk reduction in a UNESCO biosphere

Helping One’s Neighbor: Teaching and Learning Prosocial Behavior in a Religious Community

The influence of contextual factors on implementation fidelity in a whole school approach to prevention of violence against women

Systematic review of ultrasound visual biofeedback in intervention for speech sound disorders.

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