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Strategic reporting by nonprofit hospitals: an examination of bad debt and charity care

An Alternative Source of Development for Local Governments: Local Literacy

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Integrating health behavior theories to predict American’s intention to receive a COVID-19 vaccine

Integrating health behavior theories to predict COVID-19 vaccines uptake intent among the American public

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A comprehensive approach: Diffusion of environment-friendly energy technologies in residential photovoltaic markets

Distributed solar and environmental justice: Exploring the demographic and socio-economic trends of residential PV adoption in California

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Engineering environmental resilience: A matched cohort study of the community benefits of trailbridges in rural Rwanda.

Communicable Disease Surveillance Ethics in the Age of Big Data and New Technology

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Evaluating the user-perceived benefit of a virtual lung cancer patient education and support community: LVNG With Lung Cancer.

Evaluating the user-perceived benefit of a virtual patient education and support community: LVNG With Lung Cancer.

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Detroit’s community benefits ordinance: setbacks and opportunities to giving residents a voice in development

Democratizing design: possibilities for Detroit’s community benefits ordinance

Documenting the Dreaming: Designs and Songs of the Present, in the Past, for the Future

Comparing the value of community benefit and Tax-Exemption in non-profit hospitals.

PubliCo. A protocol for a new risk and crisis communication platform to bridge the gap between policy makers and the public in the context of the COVID-19 crisis (Preprint)

Value of Assessing Personal, Organizational, and Community Impacts of Extension Volunteer Programs

Information flow to increase support for tidal energy development in remote islands of a developing country: agent-based simulation of information flow in Flores Timur Regency, Indonesia

Resident Impacts for Queer Film Festivals: Assessing Benefits and Loyalty in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Consequences of changing water clarity on the fish and fisheries of the Laurentian Great Lakes

How early is too early? Challenges in ART initiation and engaging in HIV care under Treat All in Rwanda—A qualitative study

The Impact of Land-Based Physical Activity Interventions on Self-Reported Health and Well-Being of Indigenous Adults: A Systematic Review

Economic Benefits of Promoting Safe Walking and Biking to School: Creating Momentum for Community Improvements.

Understanding the rural entrepreneurship process: a systematic review of literature

Capturing community value in civic energy business model design

Formalization as a tool for environmental peacebuilding? Artisanal and small-scale mining in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Those who support wind development in view of their home take responsibility for their energy use and that of others: evidence from a multi-scale analysis

Development of an Urban Heat Mitigation Plan for the Greater Sacramento Valley, California, a Csa Koppen Climate Type

14179 Retrospective Case Studies using the TSBM to Evaluate Translation Research Progress

Fikret Berkes. Advanced introduction to community-based conservation, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021

Information Flow to Increase Support for Tidal Energy Development in Remote Islands of a Developing Country: Agent-Based Simulation of Information Flow in Flores Timur Regency, Indonesia


Does the relationship between racial, ethnic, and income diversity and social capital vary across the United States? A county-level analysis using geographically weighted regression

Penny wise or pound foolish? Compensation schemes and the attainment of community acceptance in renewable energy

Community Benefits and UK Offshore Wind Farms: Evolving Convergence in a Divergent Practice

Supervised Injection Facility Utilization Patterns: A Prospective Cohort Study in Vancouver, Canada.

Whose Park is it Anyway? Americans’ Access to, Use of, and Perceived Benefits from Local Park and Recreation Services in 1992 and 2015

Competitiveness, certification, and support of timber harvest by community forest enterprises in Mexico

A Tiered Analysis of Community Benefits and Conservation Engagement from the Makerere University Biological Field Station, Uganda

Surf-for-Development: An Exploration of Program Recipient Perspectives in Lobitos, Peru

Gambling’s community contributions: does the community benefit?

Beyond grades: developing knowledge sharing in learning communities as a graduate attribute

Beyond Heal Thyself: Physicians as PatientsAn Uneasy Role

Community Supported Agriculture Farmers’ Perceptions of Management Benefits and Drawbacks

Guidance for Genuine Collaboration: Insights from Academic, Tribal, and Community Partner Interviews on a New Research Partnership

The difference is more than floating: factors affecting breast cancer survivors’ decisions to join and maintain participation in dragon boat teams and support groups

Maximising community wellbeing: Assessing the threats to the benefits communities derive from the marine estate

Ecofuel future prospect and community impact

The contribution of road‐based citizen science to the conservation of pond‐breeding amphibians

A Principal-Agent Theory Perspective on PPP Risk Allocation

Explaining minority residents’ attitudes of ethnic enclave tourism from general perceptions of tourism impacts

Planning for Existing Polluting Industries and Parks Zoned for Industrial Development

Health and broader community benefit of parkrun—An exploratory qualitative study

Can environmental compensation contribute to socially equitable conservation? The case of an ecological fiscal transfer in the Brazilian Atlantic forest

Preprint: Crowdsourcing and Analysing Wildlife Tourism Data from Photographs Shared on Social Media

Local Policy-Makers’ Opinions Regarding Park and Recreation Services

The Premise of Institutioning for the Proliferation of Communities and Technologies Research

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Community Benefits 커뮤니티 혜택

Community Benefits 커뮤니티 혜택
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