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Fundamentals of Hysteresis in Perovskite Solar Cells: From Structure-Property Relationship to Neoteric Breakthroughs.

Wind turbine blade recycling: An evaluation of the European market potential for recycled composite materials.

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NiCoS/carbon black based bifunctional air electrode for Zn-air secondary batteries

Feasibility of commercial waste biorefineries for cassava starch industries: Techno-economic assessment.

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An Innovative Method for Sustainable Utilization of Blast-Furnace Slag in the Cleaner Production of One-Part Hybrid Cement Mortar

An Innovative Method for the Sustainable Utilization of Blast-furnace Slag in the Cleaner Production of One-part Hybrid Cement

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Advances in Neuroscience, Not Devices, Will Determine the Effectiveness of Visual Prostheses

Lessons from Loihi: Progress in Neuromorphic Computing

Epidemiology of Nosema spp. and the effect of indoor and outdoor wintering on honey bee colony population and survival in the Canadian Prairies

Stability analysis of methane hydrates for gas storage application

Implementing Food Environment Policies at Scale: What Helps? What Hinders? A Systematic Review of Barriers and Enablers

On the potential synergies and applications of wave energy converters: A review

Broadening the set of algorithms and use-cases for analog combinatorial optimization accelerators

Peptidic Connexin43 Therapeutics in Cardiac Reparative Medicine

Bibliometric analysis of the research landscape on rice husks gasification (1995–2019)

Petrophysical analysis of the unconventional reservoirs of the Lennard Shelf and Fitzroy Trough in Canning Basin, Australia

Dual-Functional MgO Nanocrystals Satisfying Both Polysulfides and Li Regulation toward Advanced Lithium-Sulfur Full Batteries.

Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells

Bioelectrochemical platforms to study and detect emerging pathogens

Submerged versus side-stream osmotic membrane bioreactors using an outer-selective hollow fiber osmotic membrane for desalination

Techno-economic optimisation of battery storage for grid-level energy services using curtailed energy from wind

Superabsorbent polymers: A state-of-art review on their classification, synthesis, physicochemical properties, and applications

Mechanics-coupled stability of metal-halide perovskites

Balancing Community and Autonomy – To What Extent Does the Regime Reconcile ISA Regulatory Authority and Investment Protection for Corporate Actors?

A zeolite-free synthesis of luminescent and photochromic hackmanites

Resistant starch from millets: Recent developments and applications in food industries

Impact of hydrogen peroxide on microalgae cultivated in varying salt-nitrate-phosphate conditions

Coupling of Microalgae Cultivation with Anaerobic Digestion of Poultry Wastes: Toward Sustainable Value Added Bioproducts

Efficient prediction of concentrating solar power plant productivity using data clustering

Novel Modalities in DNA Data Storage.

In-situ combustion in Bellevue field in Louisiana – History, current state and future strategies

Contactless Authentication Device using Palm Vein and Palm Print Fusion Biometric Technology for Post Covid World

Insights into membrane crystallization: A sustainable tool for value added product recovery from effluent streams

Graphene/TiO2 decorated N-doped carbon foam as 3D porous current collector for high loading sulfur cathode

Magnetic nanocomposites for sustainable water purification—a comprehensive review

Reducing cobalt from lithium-ion batteries for the electric vehicle era

Natural pigment: Preparation of brown pigment from lignin biomass for coloring application

Total Factor Productivity Analysis in the Regime of Multi-Year Tariff Policy Using Fisher Index Method

Computational analysis on the thermal and mechanical properties of thin film solar cells

Seismic expression of miocene carbonate platform and reservoir characterization through geophysical approach: application in central Luconia, offshore Malaysia

Biodiesel production from microalgae Dunaliella tertiolecta: a study on economic feasibility on large-scale cultivation systems

A Study on Cost-Effective Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in India Through Open Access Power Procurement

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Commercial Viability 상업적 실행 가능성

Commercial Viability 상업적 실행 가능성
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