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Analysis of technical efficiency of small-scale commercial farmers in Vhembe district

Emerging from Below? Understanding the Livelihood Trajectories of Smallholder Livestock Farmers in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

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Infrastructure Investments, Regional Trade Agreements and Agricultural Market Integration in Mozambique

The Portuguese Serrana goat breed: a review

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In the shadows of the third Chimurenga?: African migrant intermediaries and beneficiaries within Zimbabwe’s agrarian reform matrix

Ethno-veterinary medicines and livestock production in mushagashe small scale commercial farming area, masvingo

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Reproductive Performance of Hycole Rabbit Does, Growth of Kits and Milk Chemical Composition during Nine Consecutive Lactations under Extensive Rhythm

Scale Drop Disease Virus (SDDV) and Lates calcarifer Herpes Virus (LCHV) Coinfection Downregulate Immune-Relevant Pathways and Cause Splenic and Kidney Necrosis in Barramundi Under Commercial Farming Conditions

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Host effects on the free-living stages of Haemonchus contortus.

Influence of farming practices on the population genetics of the maize pathogen Cercospora zeina in South Africa.

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Mobile Farming: Level Of Use By Small Scale Farmers In Zimbabwe

Ownership and Utilization of Information and Communication Technologies for Supporting Commercial Farming Activities in Yogyakarta

National specialization policy versus farmers’ priorities: Balancing subsistence farming and cash cropping in Nepal

Reviewing threats to wild rhodiola sachalinensis, a medicinally valuable yet vulnerable species

Effect of dietary carbohydrates on growth performance, feed efficiency and glucose metabolism in common snook (Centropomus undecimalis) and yellowtail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) juveniles

Edible insects for food and feed in nigeria: exploring the roles of extension services

Past and future land use/land cover changes from multi-temporal Landsat imagery in Mpologoma catchment, eastern Uganda

The Digestive Function of Pseudoplatystoma punctifer Early Juveniles Is Differentially Modulated by Dietary Protein, Lipid and Carbohydrate Content and Their Ratios

Agriculture 4.0: An Implementation Framework for Food Security Attainment in Nigeria’s Post-Covid-19 Era

Imperatives for Pastoral Livelihood Sustainability in the Mara Ecosystem, Kenya


A Study on Socio-economic Profile of the Dairy Farmers in Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh

A review of the cultivation potential of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus (L.)) in the Baltic Sea region: a promising candidate species for marine aquaculture in Russia

status of agricultural financing by commercial banks in Zimbabwe

Dairy productivity of zaanen type goats hybrids from crossing with the nubian breed bucks

The Case for Long-Term Land Leasing: A Review of the Empirical Literature

Limnology and water quality in La Plata basin (South America) – Spatial patterns and major stressors

Challenges of Agricultural Farmers’ Groups and Cooperatives in Eastern Bhutan

Financial inclusion: Is it a precursor to agricultural commercialization amongst smallholder farmers in Uganda? A comparative analysis between Lango and Buganda sub-regions

Information Needs of Women Subsistence Farmers in the Dlangubo Village, South Africa

Updating specific PCR primer for detection of Cryptocaryon irritans from reared Larimichthys polyactis.

Factors that influence market participation among traditional beef cattle farmers in the Meatu District of Simiyu Region, Tanzania

Performance of pre-emergence herbicides in weed competition and soybean agronomic components

Unleashing the Political Economy of Land Expropriation in Ethiopia, beyond the Rhetoric: Flower Farms’ in Amhara Region in Focus

Comparative transcriptomic analysis reveals the regulatory mechanism of the gibberellic acid pathway of Tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum (L.) Gaertn.) dwarf mutants

Limited-scale field trial confirmed differences in growth and agarose characteristics in life-cycle stages of industrially important marine red alga Gracilaria dura (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta)

Simple but Complex—A Laying Hen Study as Proof of Concept of a Novel Method for Cognitive Enrichment and Research

Inaccessibility of Market Information and Finances, an Impediment to the Success of Emerging Black Farmers in Tzaneen Municipality, Limpopo Province

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Analysis of irrigation governance in Indus Basin: Key controversies and external factors affecting sustainability

Factors affecting commercialisation of vegetables by central Vietnamese smallholders

Time Series Modeling of Guinea Fowls Production in Kenya Using the ARIMA and ARFIMA Models

CHAPTER 8. Genetic Engineering of Microalgae for the Production of High-value Metabolites: Status and Prospects

J. Tidwell, S. Coyle and L.A. Bright (eds): Largemouth bass aquaculture. 5M Publishing, Sheffield, 2019, VI + 274 pp, £135 (Hardback), ISBN: 978-1-789-18048-0

Can credit help small family farming? Evidence from Brazil

Rural Azerbaijan through Quantitative and Qualitative Research Lenses: Debating the Transition to Small Farm Capitalism

History, current status and prospects of sturgeon aquaculture in Russia

Infrared thermography of agonistic behaviour in pigs

Smallholder knowledge-practices and smallholding animals: threats or alternatives to agricultural biosecurity?

A Comparative Study on the Performance of Various Types of Loans Availed by the Farmers in Thiruvananthapuram District

Growth, Survival, and Osmoregulation of Indian White Shrimp Penaeus indicus Juveniles Reared in Low Salinity Amended Inland Saline Groundwater and Seawater

Agricultural Investment and Role of Commercial Farming in Benishangul-Gumuz Region: Evidence from Ethiopia

Impact of content and length of curauá fibers on mechanical behavior of extruded cementitious composites: Analysis of variance

Constraints and opportunities in gender relations: Sugarcane outgrower schemes in Malawi

Agriculture and inequalities: Gentrification in a Scottish parish

Estimates of Factors Affecting Economic Growth in the Agricultural Sector in the Development Plan

Changes of Wiang Nong Lom and Nong Luang Wetlands in Chiang Saen Valley (Chiang Rai Province, Thailand) During the Period 1988–2017

Factors Constraining Commercial Farming of Snail among Farmers in Rural Areas of Rivers State

Beyond ‘Hobby Farming’: towards a typology of non-commercial farming

Constraints to commercialisation of smallholder agriculture in Tanintharyi division, Myanmar

Removal of copper from cattle footbath wastewater with layered double hydroxide adsorbents as a route to antimicrobial resistance mitigation on dairy farms.

Farmer Perceptions of Pig Aggression Compared to Animal-Based Measures of Fight Outcome


A multi-objective optimization model for production and transportation planning in a marine shrimp farming supply chain network

Small Farm Holders and Climate Change: Overcoming the Impacts in India

Impacts of Fulani Herdsmen-farmers’ Conflicts on Food Production in Gujba and Tarmuwa Local Government Areas of Yobe State, Nigeria

Commercial Farming 상업 농업

Commercial Farming 상업 농업
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