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Russian Agriculture, Forestry and the Agrofood Business

Analysis of technical efficiency of small-scale commercial farmers in Vhembe district

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A Fast Abnormal Data Cleaning Algorithm for Performance Evaluation of Wind Turbine

Photo Stimulation of Seminal Doses with Red LED Light from Duroc Boars and Resultant Fertility in Iberian Sows

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Epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance of pathogenic E. coli in chickens from selected poultry farms in Zambia

Cross-rangeland comparisons on soil carbon dynamics in the pedoderm of semi-arid and arid South African commercial farms

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Feasibility of the use of deep learning classification of teat-end condition in Holstein cattle.

Direct surface wetting sprinkler system to reduce the use of evaporative cooling pads in meat chicken production: indoor thermal environment, water usage, litter moisture content, live market weights, and mortalities

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Decision Trees to Forecast Risks of Strawberry Powdery Mildew Caused by Podosphaera aphanis

Energy balance and irrigation performance assessments in lemon orchards by applying the SAFER algorithm to Landsat 8 images

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Protected Organic Acid and Essential Oils for Broilers Raised Under Field Conditions: Intestinal Health Biomarkers and Cecal Microbiota

The effect of claw disorders on the locomotion activity of dairy cows

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The effects of simulated transportation conditions on the core body and extremity temperature, blood physiology, and behavior of white-strain layer pullets.

Comparison of reproductive management programs for submission of Holstein heifers for first insemination with conventional or sexed semen based on expression of estrus, pregnancy outcomes, and cost per pregnancy.

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Towards Development and Verifications of Advanced Optimal Farm Machinery Route Algorithm

Towards the Development and Verification of a 3D-Based Advanced Optimized Farm Machinery Trajectory Algorithm

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Land (In)Justice and Ambiguous Conservationisms in Cathy Buckle’s Letters of the Zimbabwean Crisis

Assessing Extensive Semi-Arid Rangeland Beef Cow–Calf Welfare in Namibia: Part 1: Comparison between Farm Production System’s Effect on the Welfare of Beef Cows

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Is It Possible to Estimate the Composition of a Cow’s Diet Based on the Parameters of Its Milk?

Study of the Variability in Fatty Acids and Carotenoid Profiles: Laying the Ground for Tank Milk Authentication

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Neospora caninum and Toxoplasma gondii infections and their relationship with reproductive losses in farmed red deer (Cervus elaphus).

Controlled trial of the effect of negative dietary cation-anion difference prepartum diets on milk production, reproductive performance, and culling of dairy cows.

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Design of an Agribusiness Innovative and Autonomous Robot System for Chemical Weed Control for Staple Food Crops Production in Sub-Saharan Africa

Large-scale commodity agriculture exacerbates the climatic impacts of Amazonian deforestation

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Occupational Safety Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice among Farmers in Northern Nigeria during Pesticide Application—A Case Study

Insights into short‐ and long‐term crop‐foraging strategies in a chacma baboon (Papio ursinus) from GPS and accelerometer data

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Spatio-temporal variability of biophysical parameters of irrigated maize using orbital remote sensing

Measuring oxygen saturation and pulse rate in dairy cows before and after machine milking using a low-cost pulse oximeter

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CalibrationTalk: A Farming Sensor Failure Detection and Calibration Technique

The effect of machine traffic zones associated with field headlands on soil structure in a survey of 41 tilled fields in a temperate maritime climate

Preference for artificial range enrichment design features in free-range commercial laying hens

National specialization policy versus farmers’ priorities: Balancing subsistence farming and cash cropping in Nepal

Economic optimisation of soil testing on commercial farms: space, time and variables

Reviewing threats to wild rhodiola sachalinensis, a medicinally valuable yet vulnerable species

Characterization of the fecal microbiota of sows and their offspring from German commercial pig farms

Arsenic in agricultural soils and implications for sustainable agriculture

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Effect of dietary carbohydrates on growth performance, feed efficiency and glucose metabolism in common snook (Centropomus undecimalis) and yellowtail snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) juveniles

BLAD and CVM in the genetic structure of the cattle breeding stock in the Sverdlovsk region

Infection rate by TOXOPLASMA GONDII in free-range and broiler chickens in the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba, Brazil

Effect of Tea Tree Oil on the Expression of Genes Involved in the Innate Immune System in Goat Rumen Epithelial Cells

Effect of social order, perch and dust-bath allocation on behavior in laying hens.

Assessing Extensive Cow-Calf Welfare in Namibia: Feasibility of Adapting a New Zealand Beef Cow Welfare Assessment Protocol.

Eco-Friendly Feed Formulation and On-Farm Feed Production as Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Pig Production Without Consequences on Animal Performance

Potassium Distribution in Surface Soils of Kust Teaching, Research and Commercial Farm, Gaya, Kano State

Metagenomic characterization of swine slurry in a North American swine farm operation

Predicting feed intake using modelling based on feeding behaviour in finishing beef steers

Blood Serum Metabolite and Volatile Fatty Acid Profiles of Finishing Pigs Fed Diets with High and Low Levels of Energy and Crude Protein

Understanding the farm data lifecycle: collection, use, and impact of farm data on U.S. commercial corn and soybean farms

Serum biochemical reference ranges for pregnant sheep

Distribution of TET, AAC and CTX-M Genes among Antibiotic Resistant Escherichia coli Isolated From Poultry under Various Farming System of A and N Islands

Edible insects for food and feed in nigeria: exploring the roles of extension services

PRV-1 Infected Macrophages in Melanized Focal Changes in White Muscle of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Correlates With a Pro-Inflammatory Environment

Past and future land use/land cover changes from multi-temporal Landsat imagery in Mpologoma catchment, eastern Uganda

Baboon and Vervet Monkey Crop-Foraging Behaviors on a Commercial South African Farm: Preliminary Implications for Damage Mitigation

The Digestive Function of Pseudoplatystoma punctifer Early Juveniles Is Differentially Modulated by Dietary Protein, Lipid and Carbohydrate Content and Their Ratios

Agriculture 4.0: An Implementation Framework for Food Security Attainment in Nigeria’s Post-Covid-19 Era

Estimating Dairy Young Stock Rearing Cost of Different Management Systems in Keningau, Sabah, Malaysia

Characterization of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolated from cattle and their contacts

Reproductive Performance of Hycole Rabbit Does, Growth of Kits and Milk Chemical Composition during Nine Consecutive Lactations under Extensive Rhythm

Comparison of two attenuated infectious bursal disease vaccine strains focused on safety and antibody response in commercial broilers

Phytophthora heterospora sp. nov., a New Pseudoconidia-Producing Sister Species of P. palmivora

Distribution Uniformity in Intensive Horticultural Systems of Almería and Influence of the Production System and Water Quality

Perceived impacts of climate variability and change: an exploration of farmers’ adaptation strategies in Zimbabwe’s intensive farming region

Pre- and post-partum variation in wool cortisol and wool micron in Australian Merino ewe sheep (Ovis aries)

Effects of postpartum milking strategy on plasma mineral concentrations and colostrum, transition milk, and milk yield and composition in multiparous dairy cows.

Long-Term Measurement of Piglet Activity Using Passive Infrared Detectors

Imperatives for Pastoral Livelihood Sustainability in the Mara Ecosystem, Kenya

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