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Aircraft Hybrid-Electric Propulsion: Development Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

The Effect of Retail Mix on Passengers’ Motivation to Shop at AirportTerminal Outlets

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Spatial correlation between soil and leaf macronutrients in semiarid Brazilian mango (Mangifera indica L.) fields

Safety seat and seat belt use among child motor vehicle occupants, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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The Development and Application of the Urban Flood Risk Assessment Model for Reflecting upon Urban Planning Elements

Penetrasi Budaya Wargee Dalem dan Warga Kilalan dalam Kontruksi Masyarakat Jawa Kuna

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Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Retail Structure in Barcelona: From Tourism-Phobia to the Desertification of City Center

الحوانیت الملحقه بالدور السکنیه المملوکیه والعثمانیه الباقیه دراسه أثاریه وثائقیه The Shops attached to the Mamluk and Ottoman residential role are the archeological and theological studies

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A Core On The Edge: An Urban Bird Assemblage On The Atlantic Margin Of Europe

Urban Tree DBH Response to Fast Urbanization— A Case from Coastal City Zhanjiang, China

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Mitigation of particulate matters and integrated approach for carbon monoxide remediation in an urban environment

Noise measurement across different land-use patterns

Measurement Method of Distributed Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Multiple Attributes

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Miscellaneous Energy Profile Management Scheme for Optimal Integration of Electric Vehicles in a Distribution Network Considering Renewable Energy Sources

Analysis of Changes in Suitable Habitat Areas of Paridae through Rooftop Greening Simulation—Case Study of Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Systematic observation of mask adherence and distancing (SOMAD): Findings from Philadelphia

Rail transit investments and economic development: Challenges for small businesses

Rail transit corridor design modeling based on TOD project development

Microcontroller Based Automatic Car Parking System

Suspect and non-target screening of contaminants of emerging concern in streams in agricultural watersheds.

The woody plant diversity and landscape pattern of fine-resolution urban forest along a distance gradient from points of interest in Qingdao

AC-RDV: a novel ant colony system for roadside units deployment in vehicular ad hoc networks

A green solution for decentralised water treatment: a pilot-scale study on the performance of green walls irrigated with greywater, under a Mediterranean climate

Consumer willingness to pay for community solar in New Jersey



Epiphytic phytoplankton in response to divergent air pollutants from urban and commercial zones of Chennai District, Tamil Nadu, India: A case study towards phytoplankton based Air Quality Index

Associations between Incense-Burning Temples and Respiratory Mortality in Hong Kong

Public acceptance of drone applications in a highly urbanized environment

Perception and Evaluation of Noise Tempted Health Hazards and Risk Assessment from Portable Power Generators Usage in the Resident of Karachi, Pakistan

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An update of Cimex lectularius L. (Heteroptera: Cimicidae) distribution in Brazil: commercial and residential first record in Northeastern Brazil region

The impacts of outdoor concentration of nitrogen dioxide on its indoor level

The Typology Peri Urban Land Use in Ulee Ulheue Banda Aceh City

Deviation of Pedestrian Path due to the Presence of Building Entrances

Azadirachta indica A. Juss. a multi-purpose tree as a leading species in carbon stocking in two Sahelian cities of Niger

Processes of Commercial Territorialization in the Polycentric Region of the Marche. New Commercial Hierarchies in the Doric Capital

Analysis of the effective change in the functions of land use and its impact on city structure, the study area Karrada / Baghdad / Iraq

Long-term monitoring and characterization of non-point source pollution from various land-use types in Korea

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in street dust from different functional areas in Chengdu, China: seasonal variation and health risk assessment

Spatiotemporal distribution characteristics of runoff-pollutants from three types of urban pavements

Passenger profile and its effects on satisfaction level in food and beverage establishments: case study of major Brazilian airports

Energy Insecurity Influences Urban Outdoor Air Pollution Levels during COVID-19 Lockdown in South-Central Chile

A New Method for Building-Level Population Estimation by Integrating LiDAR, Nighttime Light, and POI Data

Noise Exposure Levels in Basic School Environments in a City in Ghana

Examining the relationship between commercial and residential land uses and energy consumption using Gis and Vickor model (case study: District 6)

Assessment of Dealers’ Contribution in Current and Future E-waste Management Trends Within Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Geospatial Analysis to Understand the Linkage Between Urban Sprawl and Temperature of a Region: Micro- and Meso-Scale Study of Mumbai City

Prediction of motorcyclist traffic crashes in Cartagena (Colombia): development of a safety performance function

Detection of anomalous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentration in urban air of India using proximity and clustering methods

Contamination and cancer risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in urban dust from different land-uses in the most populated city of Iran.

Aviation of the Future: What Needs to Change to Get Aviation Fit for the Twenty-First Century

Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications

The Effects of Land Use Zoning and Densification on Changes in Land Surface Temperature in Seoul

Last Mile Innovation: The Case of the Locker Alliance Network

Online Distributed MPC-Based Optimal Scheduling for EV Charging Stations in Distribution Systems

The Enemy is Outside: Releasing the Parasitoid Tamarixia radiata (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) in External Sources of HLB Inocula to Control the Asian Citrus Psyllid Diaphorina citri (Hemiptera: Liviidae)

Performance-based design of multi-story buildings for a sustainable urban environment: A case study

Seasonal and spatial variations of PM10-bounded PAHs in a coal mining city, China: Distributions, sources, and health risks.

Potential of Urban Land Use by Autonomous Vehicles: Analyzing Land Use Potential in Seoul Capital Area of Korea

Permeable pavement in northern North American urban areas: research review and knowledge gaps

Urban Functional Area Division Based on Cell Tower Classification

Walkability Index in Commercial Area of Pangkalpinang City

Situated Sketching and Enactment for Pervasive Displays

Comparing soundscape assessment methods with natural-language expressions and a questionnaire survey: A case study in Seoul, Korea

Heavy metal contamination in street dusts and soils under different land uses in a major river basin in an urbanized zone of Aegean region, Turkey

Dataset on noise level measurement in Ota metropolis, Nigeria

Internet of Things (IoT) based Smart Wall Outlet

Seasonal and Spatial Variation of Particulate Aerosols and Carbonaceous Species in PM2.5 in the Periphery of Chandigarh, India

Assessment of Prevention and Control of Squatters in Mwanza City, Tanzania through Social Responsibility Approach

A Geo Spatial Analysis for Identifying the Potential of Tourism Development in Jaffna District

Circular Area Design or Circular Area Functioning? : A Discourse-Institutional Analysis of Circular Area Developments in Amsterdam and Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Intelligent Clogged Sewer Control System

The Language of Dragon Boating in Hong Kong and Singapore

Sustainability of the Installed Battery-less PV Panel Systems at Two Government Institutions in Pampanga

Evaluation of various GIS-based methods for the analysis of road traffic accident hotspot

A Machine Vision System for Stacked Substrates Counting With a Robust Stripe Detection Algorithm

Public preferences for the Swiss electricity system after the nuclear phase-out: A choice experiment

Modelling of ambient air quality, Coimbatore, India

City Profile: Kigali, Rwanda

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Commercial Areas 상업 지역

Commercial Areas 상업 지역
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