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Extending the Input Voltage Range of Solar PV Inverters with Supercapacitor Energy Circulation

Performance Characteristics of Energy-Efficient LED Lamps Leading to Supercapacitor Assisted LED (SCALED) Technique for DC-Microgrid Applications

A numerical simulation of a near-infrared three-channel trace ammonia detection system using hollow core photonic crystal fiber

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Ultrafast Sub-mΩ Battery Switching Module Using SiC JFETs for Hybrid Electric Aircraft Propulsion Applications

A Background Correlation-Based Timing Skew Estimation Method for Time-Interleaved ADCs

The Mini Astrophysical MeV Background Observatory (MAMBO) CubeSat mission

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Two-Stage Difference-Based Estimation Method for Timing Skew in TI-ADCs

Mechanical design and development of SPRITE: a 12U CubeSat with a far-ultraviolet imaging spectrograph

A Scalable and Robust Hierarchical Floorplanning to Enable 24-hour Prototyping for 100k-LUT FPGAs

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Parasitic Inductances Extraction for SiC Power Modules Using An Enhanced Two-Port S-Parameter Approach

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Laser melting deposition of a porosity-free alloy steel by application of high oxygen-containing powders mixed with Cr particles

Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic for System-in-Package Applications at 122 GHz

Diffusion Coefficients of n-Alkanes and 1-Alcohols in Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)

Label-free CARS microscopy through a multimode fiber endoscope.

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Strength response of 1200 MPa grade martensite-ferrite dual-phase steel under high strain rates

Packaging Solution Based on Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramic Technology for Frequencies Beyond 100 GHz

MCM-41 Derived from Freshwater Sponge Silica as Support for HPW Applied in the Esterification of Oleic Acid

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Commercial 12 상업 12

Commercial 12 상업 12
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