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Comfort Models sentence examples within Thermal Comfort Models

Thermal comfort in physiotherapy centers: Evaluation of the neutral temperature and interaction with the other comfort domains

A data-driven approach to optimize building energy performance and thermal comfort using machine learning models

Comfort Models sentence examples within Personal Comfort Models

Thermal adaptation in occupant-driven HVAC control

A feedforward neural network based indoor-climate control framework for thermal comfort and energy saving in buildings

Comfort Models sentence examples within Adaptive Comfort Models

Applying the mixed-mode with an adaptive approach to reduce the energy poverty in social dwellings: The case of Spain

A pilot study of thermal comfort in subtropical mixed-mode higher education office buildings with different change-over control strategies

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Comfort Models sentence examples within Personalized Comfort Models

Towards Resolving Thermal Comfort Conflicts in Shared Spaces

Intelligent Building Control Systems for Thermal Comfort and Energy-Efficiency: A Systematic Review of Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Techniques

Demystifying Thermal Comfort in Smart Buildings: An Interpretable Machine Learning Approach

A multi-objective home energy management system for explicit cost-comfort analysis considering appliance category-based discomfort models and demand response programs

Experimental assessment of convective and radiative heat transfer coefficients for various clothing ensembles

Subjective discomfort model of the micro commercial vehicle vibration over different road conditions

Stimulus range bias leads to different settings when using luminance adjustment to evaluate discomfort due to glare

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Comfort Models 컴포트 모델

Comfort Models 컴포트 모델
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