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Investigation of kerosene supersonic combustion performance with hydrogen addition and fuel additive at low Mach inflow conditions

Effects of fuel injection speed on supersonic combustion using separation-resistant struts

Combustion enhancement and inhibition of hydrogen-doped methane flame by HFC-227ea

Mixing and transient combustion processes of scramjet combustor with transverse injector and hypermixer

Combustion optimization for fuel economy improvement of a dedicated range-extender engine

The combined effect of low viscous biofuel and EGR on NO-smoke tradeoff in a biodiesel engine—an experimental study

Numerical study of gas-phase interactions of phosphorus compounds with co-flow diffusion flames.

Ion chemistry in premixed rich methane flames

Challenges in numerical simulation of nanosecond-pulse discharges

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Combustion Enhancement 연소 개선

Combustion Enhancement 연소 개선
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