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Salt marsh resilience to sea-level rise and increased storm intensity

Impacts of a storm on the erosion process of a tidal wetland in the Yellow River Delta

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Combined effect of glyphosate, saccharin and sodium benzoate on the gut microbiota of rats

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The combined impact of smoking, obesity and alcohol on life-expectancy trends in Europe

The Impact of Vibrational Entropy on the Segregation of Cu to Antiphase Boundaries in Fe3Al

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Understanding the combined effects of global warming and anthropogenic aerosol forcing on the South Asian monsoon

Plant-microbe interactions in response to grassland herbivory and nitrogen eutrophication

Metformin in combination with genistein ameliorates skeletal muscle inflammation in high-fat diet fed c57BL/6 mice.

Anthropogenic impacts and implications for ecological restoration in the Karoo, South Africa

Effect of oil properties on the formation and stability of Pickering emulsions stabilized by ultrafine pearl powder

Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts on Regional Tourism across Chinese Cities: A Spatiotemporal Heterogeneous Perspective

Warming decreases host survival with multiple parasitoids, but parasitoid performance also decreases

Strategic Capacity Choice in Renewable Energy Technologies Under Uncertainty

Numerical Prediction of the Large-Scale in Situ PRACLAY Heater Test in the Boom Clay

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Potential of seaweed extracts and humate-containing biostimulants in mitigating abiotic stress in plants

Analysis of the Chemical and Physical Environmental Aspects that Promoted the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the Lombard Area

Bio-priming in combination with mineral fertilizer improves nutritional quality and yield of red cabbage under Middle Gangetic Plains, India

The Combined Effect of Photobiomodulation and Curcumin on Acute Skin Wound Healing in Rats.

Assessing impacts of climate variability and changing cropping patterns on regional evapotranspiration, yield and water productivity in California’s San Joaquin watershed

Mixed Convection Fluid Flow Over a Vertical Cone Saturated Porous Media with Double Dispersion and Injection/Suction Effects

Modelling of the minimum ignition temperature (MIT) of corn dust using statistical analysis and artificial neural networks based on the synergistic effect of concentration and dispersion pressure

The impact of obesity on immune function in pediatric asthma

Unified Packing Model for Improved Prediction of Porosity and Hydraulic Conductivity of Binary Mixed Soils

A Set of Benchmark Tests for Validation of 3-D Particle in Cell Methods

Seasonal Photophysiological Performance of Adult Western Baltic Fucus vesiculosus (Phaeophyceae) Under Ocean Warming and Acidification

Impacts of stroke and cognitive impairment on activities of daily living in the Taiwan longitudinal study on aging

Hyperglycemia minimally alters primary self-renewing human colonic epithelial cells while TNFα-promotes severe intestinal epithelial dysfunction.

Investigating cross-media effects in a multichannel marketing environment: the role of email, catalog, television, and radio

Policies, Laws and Schemes Supporting Foster Care and Adoption in South Asia

Does Psychological Empowerment Mediates the Association of Workplace Spirituality with Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Employee Burnout?

COVID-19 and the Indian Textiles Sector: Issues, Challenges and Prospects

Biodiversity of coral reef cryptobiota shuffles but does not decline under the combined stressors of ocean warming and acidification

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Kinetic effects of methyl radicals on PRF lean ignition: a comparative study of skeletal mechanisms

Experimental Study on a Passive Solar Desalination Unit Associated With Fresnel Lens and Thermal Storage

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Influence of Pointing Errors at the Block Error Rate Performance of Strong Turbulent SIMO FSO Links

On finite element estimation of calcium advection diffusion in a multipolar neuron

Composite Score of Healthy Lifestyle Factors and the Risk of Pancreatic Cancer in a Prospective Cohort Study.

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Комплексная методика расчета возможных санитарных потерь населения и потребности в силах и средствах гражданского здравоохранения в вооруженном конфликте

A Population-Based Cohort Study of Respiratory Disease and Long-Term Exposure to Iron and Copper in Fine Particulate Air Pollution and Their Combined Impact on Reactive Oxygen Species Generation in Human Lungs.

Varying wall temperature and thermal radiation effects on MHD boundary layer liquid flow containing gyrotactic microorganisms

Joy is short-lived in the house of the poor

Tunable bandgap in cobalt doped bismuth ferrite nanoceramics: The role of annealing temperature

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Synergistic Impact of Systolic Blood Pressure and Perfusion Status on Mortality in Acute Heart Failure

Agronomic and physiological responses of potato subjected to soil compaction and/or drying

Sex May Modulate the Effects of Combined Polyphenol Extract and L-citrulline Supplementation on Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Adults with Prehypertension: A Randomized Controlled Trial

The joint impacts of Atlantic and Pacific multidecadal variability on South American precipitation and temperature

Hybrid route choice model incorporating latent cognitive effects of real-time travel information using physiological data

Water and steam injection in micro gas turbine supplied by hydrogen enriched fuels: Numerical investigation and performance analysis

Gut immune-related gene expression, histomorphometry and hematoimmunological assays in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fed Aspergillus oryzae fermented olive cake.

Increased brain atrophy over 3 years in stroke survivors is linked to early post-stroke cognitive impairment

Pregnancy and Binge Drinking: An Intersectionality Theory Perspective Using Veteran Status and Racial/Ethnic Identity

Towards Automated System-Level Energy-Efficiency Optimisation using Machine Learning: Poster

Beyond the environmental Kuznets Curve in E7 economies: Accounting for the combined impacts of institutional quality and renewables

Quantitative contributions of climate change, new cultivars adoption, and management practices to yield and global warming potential in rice-winter wheat rotation ecosystems

The impact of obesity on immune function in pediatric asthma.

Presence of multiple parasitoids decreases host survival under warming, but parasitoid performance also decreases

Lithospheric modification by extension and magmatism at the craton-orogenic boundary: North Tanzania Divergence, East Africa

A prothrombotic von Willebrand factor variant.

Transcriptomic analysis of the impacts of ethinylestradiol (EE2) and its consequences for proliferative kidney disease outcome in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).

Soil and Land-Use Change Sustainability in the Northern Great Plains of the USA

Impact of water matrix on the removal of micropollutants by advanced oxidation technologies

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Successful use of the Unified Dyskinesia Rating Scale regardless of PD- or dyskinesia-duration.

Gender, hyperandrogenism and vitamin D deficiency related functional and morphological alterations of rat cerebral arteries

The impact of contextual priors and anxiety on performance effectiveness and processing efficiency in anticipation

The Perturbation of Infant Gut Microbiota Caused by Cesarean Delivery Is Partially Restored by Exclusive Breastfeeding

Impact of the Updated USDA School Meal Standards, Chef-Enhanced Meals, and the Removal of Flavored Milk on School Meal Selection and Consumption.

Hydrological Components Variability under the Impact of Climate Change in a Semi-Arid River Basin

Hedge Fund Performance Persistence: Do the Country of Domicile and the Investment Strategy Matter?

Impact of flow hydrodynamics and pipe material properties on biofilm development within drinking water systems

Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Photosynthetic Organisms Under the Concurrent Influences of Warming, UV Radiation, and Deoxygenation

2‐deoxy‐D‐glucose augments photodynamic therapy induced mitochondrial caspase‐independent apoptosis and energy‐mediated autophagy

EEG signal based classification before and after combined Yoga and Sudarshan Kriya

Reproductive state and water deprivation increase plasma corticosterone in a capital breeder.

Solarization-based pesticide degradation results in decreased activity and biomass of the soil microbial community

Hydrological Responses to Climate and Land Use Changes in a Watershed of the Loess Plateau, China

A field study on the effects of outdoor coil fouling at different ambient air temperatures on the operating performances of a space cooling ASHP unit

Processed Meat Intake and Risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease among Middle-aged Women

Modeling impacts of climate and land use change on streamflow, nitrate, and ammonium in the Kor River, southwest of Iran

What factors affect the duration and outgassing of the terrestrial magma ocean

Manganese suppresses oxidative stress, inflammation and caspase-3 activation in rats exposed to chlorpyrifos

An Efficient Metric-Guided Gate Sizing Methodology for Guardband Reduction Under Process Variations and Aging Effects

An empirical study on the antecedents of shopping experience in Bangladeshi malls: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

Enhanced piezoelectric properties of polyvinylidene fluoride nanofibers using carbon nanofiber and electrical poling

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Somatic and psychosocial determinants of symptom severity and quality of life in male and female patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Fire in the Swamp Forest: Palaeoecological Insights Into Natural and Human-Induced Burning in Intact Tropical Peatlands

Decline of large-diameter trees in a bamboo-dominated forest following anthropogenic disturbances in southwestern Amazonia

Analysis of Squeeze Films Between Rough Circular Plates Lubricated with Rabinowitsch Fluids

Impending Regeneration Failure of the IUCN Vulnerable Borneo Ironwood (Eusideroxylon zwageri)

Cardiac structure and function characterized across age groups and between sexes in healthy wild-born captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) living in sanctuaries.

Strong association between metabolically-abnormal obesity and gallstone disease in adults under 50 years

Impact of Time Zero Variability and BTI Reliability on SiNW FET-Based Circuits


Antibiotic drug-resistance as a complex system driven by socio-economic growth and antibiotic misuse

Modeling the effect of land use and climate change on water resources and soil erosion in a tropical West African catch-ment (Dano, Burkina Faso) using SHETRAN.

Schizophrenia-associated MicroRNA–Gene Interactions in the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

Double Trouble: How Being Outnumbered and Negatively Stereotyped Threatens Career Outcomes of Women in STEM

‘Book don’t feed our children’: Nonconformist missionaries and the British and Foreign School Society in the development of elementary education in the British West Indies before and after emancipation

Mixing Characteristics under Tide, Meteorological and Oceanographic Conditions in the Euboean Gulf Greece

Estimating the spatial distribution of environmental suitability for female lung cancer mortality in China based on a novel statistical method

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Combined Impact 복합 충격

Combined Impact 복합 충격
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