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Reversible 2:4 Decoder Using Universal Fredkin Gate

Digital System Design

Combinational Circuits sentence examples within Ternary Combinational Circuits

Ultra-Low Energy CNFET-Based Ternary Combinational Circuits Designs

Design and simulation of an innovative CMOS ternary 3 to 1 multiplexer and the design of ternary half adder using ternary 3 to 1 multiplexer

Combinational Circuits sentence examples within Approximate Combinational Circuits

Accuracy and Size Trade-off of a Cartesian Genetic Programming Flow for Logic Optimization

Error Metric Computation for Approximate Combinational Circuits

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General Efficient TMR for Combinational Circuit Hardening Against Soft Errors and Improved Multi-Objective Optimization Framework

Drain-Engineered Reconfigurable Transistor Exhibiting Complementary Operation

Reduction of Garbage Outputs and Constant Inputs in Design of Combinational Circuits Using Reversible Logic

Code Convertor-Binary to Uniform Minimal Switching Representation (UMSR)

All-Optical Frequency Encoded Dibit-based Half Adder using Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier with Simulative Verification

mMIG: Inversion optimization in majority inverter graph with minority operations

Lifetime Reliability Improvement of Nano-Scale Digital Circuits Using Dual Threshold Voltage Assignment

An Efficient Approach to Tolerate Soft Errors in Combinational Circuits

Minimization of binary decision diagrams for systems of completely defined Boolean functions using Shannon expansions and algebraic representations of cofactors

Stochastic Hazard Analysis of Genetic Circuits in iBioSim and STAMINA.

The Analysis of Logic Resynthesis Methods to Increase the Fault Tolerance of Combinational Circuits for Single Failures

Automatic Test Pattern Generation using Grover’s Algorithm

Fast and Accurate SER Estimation for Large Combinational Blocks in Early Stages of the Design

Implementation of Area optimized Low power Multiplication and Accumulation

Comparison of Power Estimation Between Reversible and Irreversible Logic Gates

Efficient reliability evaluation of combinational and sequential logic circuits

High-Performance and Energy-Efficient CNFET-Based Designs for Ternary Logic Circuits

Fast & Energy Efficient Binary to BCD Converter with Complement Based Logic Design (CBLD) for BCD Multipliers

Combinational Network Design

Logic Synthesis for Interpolant Circuit Compaction

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Enhanced Functional Obfuscation of DSP core using Flip-Flops and Combinational logic

Accurate Soft Error Rate Reduction using Modified Resolution Method

Throughput Improvement of an Autocorrelation Block for Time Synchronization in OFDM-based LiFi

Efficient Design of a Reversible Sorting Circuit

Combinational Logic Circuit Design and Concurrent Coding in VHDL

An Area Efficient 16-bit Logarithmic Multiplier

Logic Functions and Equations

Test Pattern Generation to Detect Single Stuck-at Faults for Combinational Circuits Using ZBDD

Automated Circuit Approximation Method Driven by Data Distribution

Automated Search-Based Functional Approximation for Digital Circuits

A Layout-Based Soft Error Vulnerability Estimation Approach for Combinational Circuits Considering Single Event Multiple Transients (SEMTs)

Self-Dual Complement Method up to Constant-Weight Codes for Arrangement of Combinational Logical Circuits Concurrent Error-Detection Systems

Coding Techniques in Verilog for Finite State Machine Designs in FPGA

Analysis on Circuit Metrics of 1-Bit FinFET Adders Realized using Distinct Logic Structures

Logic Encryption of Combinational Circuits

Formal Verification of Approximate Sequential Circuits

Low power aware standard cells using dual rail multi threshold null convention logic methodology

KC2: Key-Condition Crunching for Fast Sequential Circuit Deobfuscation

Qubit Fault Detection in SoC Logic

Improving Logic Optimization in Sequential Circuits using Majority-inverter Graphs

Analyzing Impacts of SRAM, FF and Combinational Circuit on Chip-Level Neutron-Induced Soft Error Rate

Circuit Complexity of k-Valued Logic Functions in One Infinite Basis

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Combinational Circuits 조합 회로

Combinational Circuits 조합 회로
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