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Modulation of colostrum composition and fatty acid status in neonatal calves by maternal supplementation with essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid starting in late lactation.

Effect of maternal supplementation with essential fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid on metabolic and endocrine development in neonatal calves.

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Management and Feeding Strategies in Early Life to Increase Piglet Performance and Welfare around Weaning: A Review

A cross-sectional study of suckling calves’ passive immunity and associations with management routines to ensure colostrum intake on organic dairy farms

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Coping with large litters: the management of neonatal piglets and sow reproduction

[Quality Assessment of Bovine and Equine Colostrum - An Overview].

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Weaned piglets: another factor to be considered for the control of Salmonella infection in breeding pig farms

Effect of Feeding Duration of Increased Lysine and Energy Prior to Farrowing on Sow Performance and Colostrum Quality

Changes in bacterial community and expression of genes involved in intestinal innate immunity in the jejunum of newborn lambs during the first 24 hours of life.

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Factors affecting the production of quality ejaculates from boars.

Piglet Viability: A Review of Identification and Pre-Weaning Management Strategies

Effect of litter birth weight standardization before first suckling on colostrum intake, passive immunization, pre-weaning survival, and growth of the piglets.

Effects of newborn intraoral pressure on colostrum intake

Influence of calf vigour and suckling assistance from birth to weaning in Guzerá beef cattle

Effect of milk replacer allowance on calf faecal bacterial community profiles and fermentation

52 Ovarian Follicular Profiling of High- and Low-immunocrit Gilts on Postnatal Day 14

Innate and humoral immune parameters at delivery in colostrum and calves from heifers experimentally infected with Neospora caninum.

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Effect of carbetocin administration during the mid-period of parturition on farrowing duration, newborn piglet characteristics, colostrum yield and milk yield in hyperprolific sows.

Maternal lysine, methionine and choline supplementation in twin-bearing Merino ewes during mid-to-late gestation does not alter pregnancy outcomes or progeny growth and survival

Influence of biological and management factors on piglets in the maternity phase

Quantitative comparative phosphoproteomic analysis of the effects of colostrum and milk feeding on liver tissue of neonatal calves.

Performance of piglets according to colostrum intake and serum immunoglobulin concentration determined by the immunocrit method

49 Histomorphic Analysis of the Effect of Day and Level of Colostrum Intake on Jejunum Development

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Effects of oxytocin and carbetocin on farrowing performance.

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Anaplasma ovis in sheep: Experimental infection, vertical transmission and colostral immunity

Relationship among Some Colostral Immune Parameters and Hepcidin in Neonatal Calves

The effect of colostrum intake on osteoprotegerin and bone metabolic markers in the blood of newborn calves during the first week of life

Effect of Porcine circovirus 2 (PCV-2) maternally derived antibodies on performance and PCV-2 viremia in vaccinated piglets under field conditions

The effect of maternal immunity on the equine gammaherpesvirus type 2 and 5 viral load and antibody response

The challenge of large litters on the immune system of the sow and the piglets.

Parturition and Its Relationship with Stillbirths and Asphyxiated Piglets

A randomised controlled trial investigating the effects of administering a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug to beef calves assisted at birth and risk factors associated with passive immunity, health, and growth

Detection of Mycoplasma suis in pre-suckling piglets indicates a vertical transmission

A review of diagnostic tests for diagnosing failure of transfer of passive immunity in dairy calves in New Zealand

Controlling Endemic Neospora caninum-Related Abortions in a Dairy Herd From Argentina

Weaning Performance of Beef Cattle Calves Based on Concentrate Intake

Evaluation of PRRSv specific, maternally derived and induced immune response in Ingelvac PRRSFLEX EU vaccinated piglets in the presence of maternally transferred immunity

Age-Related Serum Biochemical Reference Intervals Established for Unweaned Calves and Piglets in the Post-weaning Period

Effects of weaning on the stress responses and productivity of water buffalo in different breeding systems: A review

Association between sow and piglet blood hemoglobin concentrations and stillbirth risk

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Passive immune transfer in puppies

Developments of reproductive management and biotechnology in the pig

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Colostrum Intake 초유 섭취

Colostrum Intake 초유 섭취
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