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Collision Rates sentence examples within Particle Collision Rates

Structural subgrid scale model based on wavelet filter for large eddy simulation of particle-laden turbulence

Tethered-particle model: The calculation of free energies for hard-sphere systems.

Collision Rates sentence examples within Lower Collision Rates

Spectrum Situation Awareness Based on Time-Series Depth Networks for LTE-R Communication System

Longitudinal Position Control for Highway On-Ramp Merging: A Multi-Agent Approach to Automated Driving

Collision Rates sentence examples within High Collision Rates

Improving Superelevation Attaining in Spiral Transition Based on Lateral Acceleration Rate

Using Bayesian Tobit Models to Understand the Impact of Mobile Automated Enforcement on Collision and Crime Rates

Collision Rates sentence examples within Vehicle Collision Rates

Extending the Heston model to forecast motor vehicle collision rates.

Motion perception as a risk factor for motor vehicle collision involvement in drivers ≥ 70 years.

Collision Rates sentence examples within New Collision Rates

Fine and hyperfine excitation of nitric oxide by collision with para-H2 at low temperature

A systematic TMRT observational study of Galactic $^{12}$C/$^{13}$C ratios from Formaldehyde

Collision Rates sentence examples within Reduce Collision Rates

Exploring the Impact of Driver Adherence to Speed Limits and the Interdependence of Roadside Collisions in an Urban Environment: An Agent-Based Modelling Approach

Occlusion-Aware Risk Assessment for Autonomous Driving in Urban Environments

Collision Rates sentence examples within Higher Collision Rates

Is the street-crossing behavior with a head-mounted display different from that behavior in a CAVE? A study among young adults and children

Applications of silicon strip and pixel-based particle tracking detectors

Collision Rates sentence examples within Jone Collision Rates

Calculation of Transport Parameters Using ab initio and AMOEBA Polarizable Force Field Methods.

Intermolecular potential parameters for transport property modeling of energetic organic molecules

Collision Rates sentence examples within Reduced Collision Rates

A large-scale experiment demonstrates that line marking reduces power line collision mortality for large terrestrial birds, but not bustards, in the Karoo, South Africa

Low-temperature and low-pressure effective fluorescence lifetimes and spectra of gaseous anisole and toluene

Eagles enter rotor‐swept zones of wind turbines at rates that vary per turbine

Small-N collisional dynamics – V. From N ≲ 10 to N ≳ 103

Evaluating the U.A.E.’s Orographic Cloud Seeding Techniques: A Comprehensive Analysis of Cloud Seeding Microphysics and Particle Microstructures.

Analytic expressions for geometric cross-sections of fractal dust aggregates

A characteristic standardization method for circuit input vectors based on Hash algorithm

Collisional (de-)excitation of protonated cyanoacetylene (HC3NH+) by helium at low and moderate temperatures

Road Traffic Injury During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Cured or a Continued Threat?

Behavior Prediction in Autonomous Driving

Wildlife mortality on roads and railways following highway mitigation

Agglomeration Dynamics of 1D Materials: Gas-Phase Collision Rates of Nanotubes and Nanorods.

Prediction of Seasonal Variation in Traffic Collisions on Rural Highways Using Neural Network Regression Models: A Case Study in the Province of British Columbia

The effects of warning characteristics on driver behavior in connected vehicles systems with missed warnings.

Microphysical effects of water content and temperature on the triboelectrification of volcanic ash on long timescales.

Understanding droplet collisions through a model flow: Insights from a Burgers vortex.

Full Duplex for Next Generation of 802.11

Mathematical Models of Fertilization—An Eco-Evolutionary Perspective

Quasiclassical method for calculating the density of states of ultracold collision complexes

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Predicting the impact of particle-particle collisions on turbophoresis with a reduced number of computational particles

Nocturnal flight-calling behaviour predicts vulnerability to artificial light in migratory birds

Experimental Observation of Inertial Particles through Idealized Hydroturbine Distributor Geometry

Mathematical Models of Fertilization—An Eco-Evolutionary Perspective

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Collision Rates 충돌율

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