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Collaborative Operation sentence examples within prefabricated construction supply

Research on Collaborative Mode of Prefabricated Construction Supply Chain Based on Supply-hub

Collaborative Operation sentence examples within Specific Collaborative Operation

A Novel Hybrid Optimization Scheme on Connectivity Restoration Processes for Large Scale Industrial Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks

Prediction of Human Activity Patterns for Human–Robot Collaborative Assembly Tasks

Collaborative Operation sentence examples within Permissible Collaborative Operation

Robot Speed Adaption in Multiple Trajectory Planning and Integration in a Simulation Tool for Human-Robot Interaction

A Hybrid Collaborative Operation for Human-Robot Interaction Supported by Machine Learning

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Collaborative Operation sentence examples within collaborative operation model

Day-Ahead and Intra-Day Collaborative Optimized Operation among Multiple Energy Stations

Cluster-UY: Collaborative Scientific High Performance Computing in Uruguay

Blockchain-driven supply chain decentralized operations - information sharing perspective

Research on 3D Visual Cooperative Maintenance Method for Bogie of Urban Rail Vehicle

Should the assembly system with direct omnichannel introduce integrated management service? A game-theoretical modelling study

Towards Foodservice Robotics: a taxonomy of actions of foodservice workers and a critical review of supportive technology

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Haptic-Feedback Ring Enabled Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Aiming at Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Collaborative Operations of Hospitality Industry during COVID-19 Lockdown and Strategic Approach with reference to Bangalore, India

Research on optimal allocation strategy of multiple energy storage in regional integrated energy system based on operation benefit increment

Zero Moment Control for Lead-Through Teach Programming and Process Monitoring of a Collaborative Welding Robot

Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis (CBTP) on Mothers of Youngsters with Cerebral Palsy

Using web based object oriented technology on manufacturing system in IoT environment

A multi-user virtual reality experience for space missions

Learning Nuggets for Cobot Education: A Conceptual Framework, Implementation, and Evaluation of Adaptive Learning Content

Adaptive $ D$-Hop Connected Dominating Set in Highly Dynamic Flying Ad-Hoc Networks

Analysis of Human-Robot Physical Interaction at Collision

Behavior Analysis and Prediction of Disabled in Smart Home

Government-led low carbon incentive model of the online shopping supply chain considering the O2O model

Enhancing stochastic multi-microgrid operational flexibility with mobile energy storage system and power transaction

Privacy-preserving mechanism for collaborative operation of high-renewable power systems and industrial energy hubs

The Collaborative Combat of Heterogeneous Multi-UAVs Based on MARL

Autonomous Identification and Positioning of Trucks during Collaborative Forage Harvesting

Provisioning of Contention Resolution in Multiple UAVs to Establish Collaborative Tasks

System dynamics-based model for supply chain organizational collaboration

Decarbonization Scheduling Strategy Optimization for Electricity-Gas System Considering Electric Vehicles and Refined Operation Model of Power-to-Gas

Diagonal Quadratic Approximation for Decentralized Collaborative TSO+DSO Optimal Power Flow

Reconfigurable assembly line balancing for cloud manufacturing

An energy efficient and secure data forwarding scheme for wireless body sensor network

Critical review on slope monitoring systems with a vision of unifying WSN and IoT

The anthropometric basis for the designing of collaborative workplaces

Evolutionary Game Analysis on Knowledge-Sharing Behavior in the Construction Supply Chain

Microservice Architecture Design for Big Data in Tactical Cloud

Collaborative In-Network Processing for Internet of Battery-Less Things

Towards an optimal avoidance strategy for collaborative robots

Digitalisation driving competitiveness

Distributed Optimal Economic Dispatch for Microgrids Considering Communication Delays

Proposal of Emphasized Pseudo Expression for Improving the Recognition of the Presence and Contribution of Remote Participants in Cooperative Work

Digital Manufacturing Tools in the Simulation of Collaborative Robots: Towards Industry 4.0

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Collaborative Operation 협업 운영

Collaborative Operation 협업 운영
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