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Electromagnetic radiation shielding composite coatings based on powdered alumina and ironoxide

Effective epoxy composite coating mechanical/fracture toughness properties improvement by incorporation of graphene oxide nano-platforms reduced by a green/biocompataible reductant

Improved adhesion of polyurethane-based nanocomposite coatings to tin surface through silane coupling agents

Evaluation of the Supportability and Electrical Performance of RTV Coatings Filled with Carnauba Wax under Pollution Conditions

Preparation and Corrosion Resistance of ETEO Modified Graphene Oxide/Epoxy Resin Coating

Preparation and Properties of Wall Coatings with Calcined Shell Powder as Fillers

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Coatings Filled 채워진 코팅

Coatings Filled 채워진 코팅
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