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Eight-hours conventional versus adaptive deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson’s disease

Machine Learning Will Extend the Clinical Utility of Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation

Reduced-Order Filters-Based Adaptive Backstepping Control for Perturbed Nonlinear Systems.

Reduced-order filter based output-feedback adaptive control for perturbed nonlinear systems

1178 J, 527 nm near diffraction limited laser based on a complete closed-loop adaptive optics controlled off-axis multi-pass amplification laser system

Convergence of Self-Tuning Regulators under Conditional Heteroscedastic Noises with Unknown High-Frequency Gain

Shaping duo binary turbo-coded BICM scheme for JPWL image transmission using a link adaptation strategy over wireless channels

A Fuzzy PID Algorithm-Based Attitude Control Method of Suspension-Type Small Rail Vehicles

Distortion correction for particle image velocimetry using multiple-input deep convolutional neural network and Hartmann-Shack sensing.

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Closed Loop Adaptive 폐쇄 루프 적응

Closed Loop Adaptive 폐쇄 루프 적응
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