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Final clinical practicum shapes the transition experience and occupational commitment of newly graduated nurses in Europe-A longitudinal study.

Readiness for practice: The views of New Zealand senior nursing students.

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[Alternative Teaching in Psychiatric Nursing: The Example of Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation].

A theory to guide nursing students caring for patients with suicidal tendencies on psychiatric clinical practicum.

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Enhancing Nursing Education Through Affordable and Realistic Holographic Mixed Reality: The Virtual Standardized Patient for Clinical Simulation.

Biomedical Visualisation

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Nursing Student-Led Health Education for Sixth Graders on Chicago’s South Side

Experiences of Ghanaian Student Nurses’ and Midwives’ during Clinical Practice in the Kumasi Metropolis: An Ethnographic Study

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Low interest in clinical practicum placement is associated with increased stress in nursing students in Taiwan: A cross-sectional survey study.

Face and Content Validity of a Probe Tube Placement Training Simulator.

Clinical Practicum sentence examples within clinical practicum stres

A Cross-Sectional Study: What Contributes to Nursing Students’ Clinical Reasoning Competence?

간호대학생의 임상실습 스트레스 영향요인에 관한 경로분석: Lazarus와 Folkman의 스트레스-대처 모델 기반으로

Categorical Psychiatry and Predoctoral Psychology Interns’ Perceptions of Professional Identity and Practice: Results of a Survey at the Start and Completion of a Year of Interprofessional Education


Effects of Handoff Education using Concept Mapping and PASS-BAR

Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation Stepwise Education Program: A quasi-experimental study.

What Should Be Considered in the Evidence-Based Practice Competency-Based Curriculum for Undergraduate Nursing Students? From the Student’s Point of View

Effects of flipped-learning-based simulation for nursing students: a retrospective survey.

Exploring factors that motivate nursing students to engage in skills practice in a laboratory setting: A descriptive qualitative design

Social–Emotional Competence and Academic Achievement of Nursing Students: A Canonical Correlation Analysis

The Effects of Simulation Problem-Based Learning on the Empathy, Attitudes toward Caring for the Elderly, and Team Efficacy of Undergraduate Health Profession Students

Experiential Learning for Psychomotor Skills Development of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Students: An Action Research

Clinical Evaluation in Prelicensure Baccalaureate Nursing Programs: A Qualitative Descriptive Study.

Employing Experiential Learning as a Tool to Teach Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MCBT) to Latino Social Work Graduate Students

Social-Emotional Competence and Academic Achievement of Nursing Students in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era: A Canonical Correlation Analysis

Teletherapy in Training: A Trying and Transformative Experience

Radical Transformation: Embracing Constructivism and Pedagogy for an Innovative Nursing Curriculum

Validation of the attitudes to patient safety questionnaire for nursing students in the Spanish context

Innovation in the New Model of Vocational Professional Teacher Education According to the Demands of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Evidence-Based Practice in Speech-Language Pathology: Where Are We Now?

Exploring Hong Kong Nursing Students’ Experience of Using Smartphones in Clinical Practicum

The effect of cooperative learning on critical thinking of nursing students in clinical practicum: A quasi-experimental study.

Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Smartphone Use in the Clinical Care and Safety of Hospitalised Patients

Factors Influencing SDL Readiness and Self-Esteem in a Clinical Adult Nursing Practicum after Flipped Learning Education: Comparison of the Contact and Untact Models

Developing Mental Health-Related Simulation Activities for an Australian Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum.

The Effect of Patient Acuity Tool on Patient Clinical Practicum Assignments on Nursing Student Satisfaction Levels: A Quasi-Experimental Study

[Impact of Nurse Practitioners and Nursing Education on COVID-19 Pandemics: Innovative Strategies of Authentic Technology-Integrated Clinical Simulation].

Feasibility of a novel framework to routinely survey women online about their continuity of care experiences with midwifery students.

Perspectives, experiences, and opinions precepting advanced practice registered nurse students.

Learning by Simulation: A Valuable Tool for Nursing and Midwifery Education

Nursing Students’ Experiences with Computer Simulation-Based Communication Education

Factors Associated with Teaching Efficacy among Nurse Educators in Hospital Settings.

Patient handover education programme based on situated learning theory for nursing students in clinical practice.

Experiential Learning for Psychomotor Skills Development of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Students: An Action Research

Undergraduate Nursing Student Mental Health Clinical Experiences in Saudi Arabia: Findings From a Qualitative Study.

Prediction of Perceived Stress of Hong Kong Nursing Students with Coping Behaviors over Clinical Practicum: A Cross-Sectional Study

The usefulness of case studies in a Virtual Clinical Environment (VCE) multimedia courseware in nursing.

Using Feedback to Improve Clinical Education of Nursing Students in an Academic-Practice Partnership

Integrating a Career Development Learning Framework into Work-Integrated Learning Practicum Debrief Sessions

On-call simulation for adult gerontology acute care nurse practitioner students: A comparative descriptive study.

Evaluation of mobile learning for the clinical practicum in nursing education: application of the FRAME model

International Service-Learning for Nurse Practitioner Students: Enhancing Clinical Practice Skills and Cultural Competence.

Educational effect of a nursing training conference adopting the world café method: Medical care teams

Letter to the Editor: Evidence-based practice for nursing profession: Barriers and teaching strategies solutions

An analysis of evidence-based practice courses in Korean nursing education systems

TIPS for Preceptors Facilitating Interprofessional Community-Based Clinical Experiences

Faculty Perceptions of Interactions Between Students and Registered Nurses in the Clinical Learning Envirorunent

Newly graduated nurses’ perceptions of a final clinical practicum facilitating transition: A qualitative descriptive study

Incivility experiences in clinical practicum education among nursing students.

Preliminary study of outcome-based clinical practicum for undergraduate nursing students.

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Clinical Practicum 임상실습

Clinical Practicum 임상실습
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