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Clinical Narratives sentence examples within natural language processing

Family History Extraction From Synthetic Clinical Narratives Using Natural Language Processing: Overview and Evaluation of a Challenge Data Set and Solutions for the 2019 National NLP Clinical Challenges (n2c2)/Open Health Natural Language Processing (OHNLP) Competition

Identify Diabetic Retinopathy-related Clinical Concepts Using Transformer-based Natural Language Processing Methods

Clinical Narratives sentence examples within Unstructured Clinical Narratives

Automated detection of substance use information from electronic health records for a pediatric population

Clinical Concept Extraction with Lexical Semantics to Support Automatic Annotation

Clinical Narratives sentence examples within Text Clinical Narratives

Using Machine Learning to Capture Quality Metrics from Natural Language: A Case Study of Diabetic Eye Exams.

Extracting Drug Names and Associated Attributes From Discharge Summaries: Text Mining Study

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Integrating Speculation Detection and Deep Learning to Extract Lung Cancer Diagnosis from Clinical Notes

Backyard poultry cases in UK small animal practices: Demographics, health conditions and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

A systematic review of natural language processing applied to radiology reports

What’s in a Summary? Laying the Groundwork for Advances in Hospital-Course Summarization

Sensory disruption and sensory inequities in the Anthropocene

Embedding, aligning and reconstructing clinical notes to explore sepsis

Harold J. Cook, ed., Translation at Work: Chinese Medicine in the First Global Age (Leiden: Brill; Boston, MA: Rodopi, 2020), pp. xii + 214, $144.00, hardback, ISBN: 9789004362741.

A section identification tool: Towards HL7 CDA/CCR standardization in Spanish discharge summaries

Privacy preserving neural networks for electronic health records de-identification

Estimating Redundancy in Clinical Text

Extracting Cancer Treatments from Clinical Text written in Spanish: A Deep Learning Approach

Identifying Mentions of Life Stressors in Clinical Notes

Improving sentiment analysis on clinical narratives by exploiting UMLS semantic types

Natural language processing of radiology reports for identification of skeletal site-specific fractures

FastContext: an efficient and scalable implementation of the ConText algorithm

Automatically identifying social isolation from clinical narratives for patients with prostate Cancer

A retrospective explanatory case study of the implementation of a bleeding management quality initiative, in an Australian cardiac surgery unit.

Mining fall-related information in clinical notes: Comparison of rule-based and novel word embedding-based machine learning approaches

Attention Neural Model for Temporal Relation Extraction

ADR signal dictionary developed in Korea for PV purposes

Rule-based and Machine Learning Hybrid System for Patient Cohort Selection

Automated extraction of sudden cardiac death risk factors in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients by natural language processing

Supervised methods to extract clinical events from cardiology reports in Italian

Adverse Drug Events Detection in Clinical Notes by Jointly Modeling Entities and Relations Using Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing for EHR-Based Computational Phenotyping

Exploring semantic deep learning for building reliable and reusable one health knowledge from PubMed systematic reviews and veterinary clinical notes

Analysis of risk factor domains in psychosis patient health records

Abstract 1640: Deep learning classification of neuro-oncology medical documents

Natural language processing for populating lung cancer clinical research data

Identifying Breast Cancer Distant Recurrences from Electronic Health Records Using Machine Learning

Evaluating the Impact of Text Duplications on a Corpus of More than 600, 000 Clinical Narratives in a French Hospital

Tentative diagnosis prediction via deep understanding of patient narratives

Development of a Controlled Vocabulary-Based Adverse Drug Reaction Signal Dictionary for Multicenter Electronic Health Record-Based Pharmacovigilance

Formação do conceito de afasia na obra de Paul Broca

Clinical Text Mining on FHIR

Rich Text Formatted EHR Narratives: A Hidden and Ignored Trove

Enrichment of EHR with Linked Open Data for Risk Factors Identification

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Clinical Narratives 임상 내러티브

Clinical Narratives 임상 내러티브
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