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Effects of Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilization on Seed Yield, Yield Components, and Water Use Efficiency of Cleistogenes songorica

Dynamics of Community Biomass and Soil Nutrients in the Process of Vegetation Succession of Abandoned Farmland in the Loess Plateau

Genome-Wide Analysis and Expression Profiles of the Dof Family in Cleistogenes songorica under Temperature, Salt and ABA Treatment

Cuticle segmentation based on visual saliency

Development of molecular markers based on LTR retrotransposon in the Cleistogenes songorica genome.

NDVI for Monitoring of the State of Steppe and Desert Ecosystems of the Gobi

Species richness and composition of shrub-encroached grasslands in relation to environmental factors in northern China

Effects of grazing season and stocking rate on seed bank in sheep dung on the semiarid Loess Plateau

Study on Identification for the Typical Pasture Based on Image Texture Features

Effect of different grazing intensities on bacterial community composition and diversity in rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soils in desert steppe of China

Comprehensive analysis of bZIP transcription factors uncovers their roles during dimorphic floret differentiation and stress response in Cleistogenes songorica

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Cleistogenes Songorica 클레이스토게네스 송고리차

Cleistogenes Songorica 클레이스토게네스 송고리차
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