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On-Site Identification of Counterfeit Drugs Based on Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Siamese-Network Modeling

A Classification Identification Method Based on Phasor Measurement for Distribution Line Parameter Identification Under Insufficient Measurements Conditions

Face spoofing detection based on chromatic ED-LBP texture feature

Research on quality traceability of cigarette by combining PDCA quality cycle with information strategy based on fuzzy classification

From Knowing by Name to Personalisation: Meaning of Identification Under the GDPR

Dongba classical ancient books image classification method based on ReN-Softplus convolution residual neural network

Parasite analyser using artificial neural network

Classification of Spectrum Images of Solar Radio Bursts Based on Deep Learning

Wireless sEMG-based identification in a virtual reality environment

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Classification Identification 분류 식별

Classification Identification 분류 식별
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