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Design and application of wireless power transfer using Class-E inverter based on Adaptive Impedance-Matching Network.

A Constant-Current ZVS Class-E Inverter With Finite Input Inductance

Zero Voltage Switching Condition in Class-E Inverter for Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer Applications

Design of A Class-E Direct AC-AC Converter with Only One Capacitor and One Inductor for Domestic Induction Cooker

A Class-E-Based Resonant AC-DC Converter With Inherent PFC Capability

An Analysis and Modeling of the Class-E Inverter for ZVS/ZVDS at Any Duty Ratio with High Input Ripple Current

Optimal Design of 6.78 MHz Wireless Power Transfer System for Robot Arm

An Accurate Time-Domain Waveforms of Class-E ZVDS Inverter in Series- and Parallel-Load Network for Domestic Induction Cooker

A Double-Pulse Energy Injection Converter With Reduced Switching Frequency for MHz WPT System

Nonlinear Modeling and Harmonic Analysis of Magnetic Resonant WPT System Based on Equivalent Small Parameter Method

Analysis and design of a class E current-driven rectifier for 1 MHz wireless power transfer system

Dynamic analysis model of a class E2 converter for low power wireless charging links

Efficiency Improvement of a Class E2 Converter for Low Power Inductive Links

Multiphase-Interleaved High Step-Up DC/DC Resonant Converter for Wide Load Range

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Class E Inverter 클래스 E 인버터

Class E Inverter 클래스 E 인버터
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