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City Metro sentence examples within initial exploratory study

Home Care Nurses Claim Medicare Ignores Social Determinants of Health


City Metro sentence examples within York City Metro

COVID-19 outcomes among hospitalized men with or without exposure to alpha-1-adrenergic receptor blocking agents

COVID-19 Pandemic Surge: After-Action Report of a Coalition of Emergency Departments in New York City

City Metro sentence examples within Mexico City Metro

Gaseous Elemental Mercury (GEM) in the Mexico City Metropolitan Area

Evaluation of OMI NO2 Vertical Columns Using MAX-DOAS Observations over Mexico City

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City Metro sentence examples within Kansa City Metro

A prenatal group based phone counseling intervention to improve breastfeeding rates and complementary feeding: a randomized, controlled pilot and feasibility trial

Modeling potential air temperature reductions yielded by cool roofs and urban irrigation in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area

City Metro sentence examples within Buffalo City Metro

“The kind of support that matters to exclusive breastfeeding” a qualitative study

Covid-19 Pandemic in South Africa: An Exploration on Citizen Adherence to Protocols and Communication

City Metro sentence examples within Lake City Metro

Near-Field Strong Ground Motions from GPS-Derived Velocities for 2020 Intermountain Western United States Earthquakes

Preparing historically underrepresented trainees for biomedical cancer research careers at Huntsman Cancer Institute/University of Utah Health

City Metro sentence examples within Oklahoma City Metro

Tornado Climatology and Risk Perception in Central Oklahoma

Interventions to promote healthy environments in family child care homes in Oklahoma—Happy Healthy Homes: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

City Metro sentence examples within Benin City Metro

Validation of the shelf life of NAFDAC-certified sachet-packed drinking water brands vended in Nigeria.

Spectrophotometric determination of cadmium, chromium, lead and nickel in five selected body creams sold in Benin City, Nigeria

City Metro sentence examples within city metro area

Day-level associations between drug use and sexual behavior in male couples: Actor partner interdependence modeling of timeline follow-back data.

Estimating urban sensible heat flux using satellite-based data

City Metro sentence examples within city metro network

Wavelength selective photonic integrated switches for ROADM node functionality in ultrahigh capacity metro network

Predicting Station-Level Short-Term Passenger Flow in a Citywide Metro Network Using Spatiotemporal Graph Convolutional Neural Networks

City Metro sentence examples within city metro line

The Impact of Financial Risks on Financial Investment in Infrastructure: Based on a Two-Factor Stochastic Differential Equation

Monitoring and Identification of Vibration Frequencies on a Portion of México City Metro Line 12

Adhibition Study of Electric Multiple Units with Energy Storage on Partially Electrified Railway Line Gdansk Orunia - Port Oksywie

Ultrasensitive Calorimetric Measurements of the Electronic Heat Capacity of Graphene.

Determination of Leachate Plume Migrations from Selected Cemeteries in Benin-City Metropolis using Integrated Physicochemical and Geophysical Methods

Effect of Filtering in Dense WDM Metro Networks Adopting VCSEL-Based Multi-Tb/s Transmitters

Dimensioning of Free-Space Optical Mesh Network Using High-Altitude Platforms

Design of a Mobile System for Metro Value-Added Services

Analysing Ways to Achieve a New Urban Agenda-Based Sustainable Metropolitan Transport

A Traceable High-Accuracy Velocity Measurement by Electro-Optic Dual-Comb Interferometry

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VCSEL Technologies for High-Capacity Dense WDM Networks

Hydrochemical Characterization of Benin Formation in Benin-city and Environs, Nigeria using Multivariate Analyses

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City Metro 시티 메트로

City Metro 시티 메트로
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