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The Genesis and Development of Children’s Libraries in the Independent Republic of Latvia (1918−1940)

Semen quality and sperm DNA integrity in city policemen exposed to polluted air in an urban industrial agglomeration.

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Impact of city historical management on soil organic carbon stocks in Paris (France)

Investigating domestic gardens’ densities, spatial distribution and types among city districts

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Long-Term Risk Factor Control After Myocardial Infarction—A Need for Better Prevention Programmes

Mobility in Transition

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Large-Scale Geothermal Collector Systems for 5th Generation District Heating and Cooling Networks

Factors Affecting the Performance of 3D Thermal Mapping for Energy Audits in A District by Using Infrared Thermography (IRT) Mounted on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

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Umeå : Contributing to sustainable growth and inclusivity through the sharing economy

A comparison of outdoor thermal comfort in historical and contemporary urban fabrics of Lar City

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Mutations Socio-Spatiales Et Extension Urbaine Au Sud Du Plateau De Sakété (Sud-Est Du Benin)

Spatial Bayes Analysis on Cases of Malnutrition in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

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Problematika Ilmu Falak Kontemporer : Studi Kiblat di Rumah Makan Pinggir Jalan Lintas Kabupaten/Kota se Sumatera Barat

Investigations on spatial and vertical variations of airborne pollen in Sydney, Australia

«Sleeping reform»: practices for implementing a two-level local self-government system in the city districts

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Principles of strategic planning for the development of “green” infrastructure of the urban environment

The impact of an un(der)funded inclusive education policy: Evidence from the 2013 China education panel survey

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Creating the information-cartographic system “Educational institutions of Moscow”

The demographic dynamics of youth cohorts of St. Petersburg during the period of educational migrations

Hospitalisation rates differed by city district and ethnicity during the first wave of COVID-19 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Wastewater monitoring in support of health surveillance of the COVID-19 pandemic

Hospitalisation rates differed by city district and ethnicity during the first wave of COVID-19 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A bottom-up approach to model the environmental impact of the last-mile in an urban food-system

Transit networks, social contacts and open data meet public transportation plans for post-COVID-19: A Canadian case study

Developing Integrated Index for Evaluating the Urban Natural Environmental Quality from Remote Sensing Technology

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Determination of soil and ground sealing in functional zones of Volgograd based on remote sensing data

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Representing a Digital Twin City Model Using Open Source Tools and Integrating It With Dynamic Sensor Data

An ex ante assessment of value conflicts and social acceptance of sustainable heating systems

Mysteries of the trade? Skill-specific local agglomeration economies

Publisher Correction to: Comparison between AirQ+ and BenMAP-CE in estimating the health benefits of PM2.5 reduction

Using Geospatial Intelligence to Promote Precautionary Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Development and Validation of a Customized Messaging Campaign in Saudi Arabia

The Changes in Barnaul Park Zones over the Past 30 Years as an Indicator of the Depressive-Extensive Development of Society and Economy

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Index kvality životního prostředí pro stanovení environmentální spravedlnosti: případová studie Brno

Exploring the role of land-sharing on urban green and cardiovascular health

Elevated Vertical-Flow Constructed Wetlands for Light Greywater Treatment

Ecological and Energy Analysis of the Green Areas and the Surface Layer of Atmospheric Air in the Districts of the Kyiv City

Land development policy as related to real estate influenced by railway noise in the context of allowable indicators that have been recently modified in Poland

Application Of School And Community Cooperation Models In Improving Student Learning Achievement Based On Local Knowledge

Transit Networks, Social Contacts, and Open Data Meet Public Transportation Plans for Post-COVID-19: A Canadian Case Study

Automatic energy demand and system simulation at district level

Bridging and bonding social capital in gentrifying neighborhoods: “Yeldeğirmeni district in Istanbul”

Territorial Subdivision of the Megalopolis Population by the Ethnic Trait in Relation to the Problem of Creating Genetic Databases. St. Petersburg

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Urban Green Infrastructure for Shrinking City: Case Study - City of Osijek

The influence of urban form on the grid integration of renewable energy technologies and distributed energy systems

New perspective on geographical mortality divide in Russia: a district-level cross-sectional analysis, 2008–2012

Becoming European: Strangers Finding a Place in the European Union

Poor Influences and Criminal Locations: Los Angeles’s Skid Row, Multicultural Identities, and Normal Homosexuality

Spatial distribution of vegetation cover in Erbil city districts using high-resolution Pléiades satellite image

Multi-Indicator Approach for Characterising Urban Green Space Provision at City and City-District Level in Germany

Successful Experiences and Lessons from an Advance Warning and Control System in Handling a Taxi Driver Mass Troublemaking Incident

FDI, Employment, and Economic Growth of Beijing City: Mechanism and Empirical Test


How Will We Eat and Produce in the Cities of the Future? From Edible Insects to Vertical Farming—A Study on the Perception and Acceptability of New Approaches

Automated urban energy system modeling and thermal building simulation based on OpenStreetMap data sets

Travel-based residential self-selection: A qualitatively improved understanding from Norway

Claims data-based analysis of the influence of individual and regional characteristics on the utilisation of long-term care by people with dementia in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Regularities of City Passenger Traffic Based on Existing Inter-district Links

To a Question of Effective Management in the Sphere of Land Improvement by Local Government Bodies

Transforming Cities by Designing with Communities

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