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Queer representation in Arab and Middle Eastern Films

Cognitive and Semiotic Model of Translation

You are kidding right? The English present progressive as a stance marker in film dialogue

The spontaneous co-creation of comedy: Humour in improvised theatrical fiction

Do worlds have (fourth) walls? A Text World Theory approach to direct address in Fleabag

Representation of a Film Recipient in Neologisms of the English Cinematic Discourse

Multiple Directing Visions Of One Subject In Cinematic Discourse, The Films 11 Of September As A Model

Intersemiotic translation: meaning-making in film and musical art

Beyond Filmmaking: Searching for a Neorealist Architecture in Italy, 194X-195X

Alternative ethics for ecocinema: The Tree of Life and post-continuity aesthetics

Bob Dylan’s “Westerns”: Border Crossings and the Flight from “the Domestic”

Mockumenting Migrant Workers: The Inter-Asian Hinterland of Eric Khoo’s No Day Off and My Magic

Review: Electric Light: An Architectural History, by Sandy Isenstadt, and Palazzos of Power: Central Stations of the Philadelphia Electric Company 1900–1930, by Aaron V. Wunsch and Joseph E. B. Elliott

A Move Into Drawing

Constructing fluid relationships through language: A study of address terms in a Japanese drama and its pedagogical implications

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Cinematic Discourse 영화적 담론

Cinematic Discourse 영화적 담론
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