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Cultivation of microalgae on unhydrolysed waste molasses syrup using mass cultivation strategy for improved biodiesel

Bioactive Lipids of Marine Microalga Chlorococcum sp. SABC 012504 with Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Thrombotic Activities

The Efficiency of Biocidal Silica Nanosystems for the Conservation of Stone Monuments: Comparative In Vitro Tests against Epilithic Green Algae

Xanthophylls from the Sea: Algae as Source of Bioactive Carotenoids

Gullies and Moraines Are Islands of Biodiversity in an Arid, Mountain Landscape, Asgard Range, Antarctica

Environmental Factors Associated with the Eukaryotic Microbial Community and Microalgal Groups in the Mountain Marshes of South Korea

Oxidation of Terpenoids to Achieve High-Value Flavor and Fragrances—Questioning Microalgae Oxidative Capabilities in the Biotransformation of the Sesquiterpene Valencene and of Selected Natural Apocarotenoids

Effect of Micronutrient and Hormone on Microalgae Growth Assessment for Biofuel Feedstock

The Potential Risk of Electronic Waste Disposal into Aquatic Media: The Case of Personal Computer Motherboards

Resourceful treatment of harsh high-nitrogen rare earth element tailings (REEs) wastewater by carbonate activated Chlorococcum sp. microalgae.

Diversity and substrate-specificity of green algae and other micro-eukaryotes colonizing amphibian clutches in Germany, revealed by DNA metabarcoding

Decolorization of dyestuffs by some species of green algae and cyanobacteria and its consortium

Steady-state characteristics of a continuous-flow photobioreactor for neutral lipids synthesis by microalgae

Efficacy of Enzymatic Transesterification of Chlorococcum sp. Algal Oils for Biodiesel Production

Metabolites of interest for food technology produced by microalgae from the Northeast Brazil

A biorefinery for valorization of industrial waste-water and flue gas by microalgae for waste mitigation, carbon-dioxide sequestration and algal biomass production.

Feasibility of closing nutrient cycles from black water by microalgae-based technology

Production of lipids from psychrophilic microalgae present in antarctic glaciers for the synthesis of biofuel


Autochthonous microalgae cultivation with anaerobic effluent: isolation of strains, survivorship, and characterization of the produced biomass

Biofuel conversion of Chlorococcum sp. and Scenedesmus sp. biomass by one- and two-step transesterification

Comparison of fatty acid composition and positional distribution of microalgae triacylglycerols for human milk fat substitutes

Insights into Long-Term Toxicity of Triclosan to Freshwater Green Algae in Lake Erie.

Industrial potential of carotenoid pigments from microalgae: Current trends and future prospects

Transcriptomic analysis reveals the mechanism on the response of Chlorococcum sp. GD to glucose concentration in mixotrophic cultivation.

Bioelectricity production from kitchen wastewater using microbial fuel cell with photosynthetic algal cathode.

Characterization of exopolysaccharides produced by microalgae with antitumor activity on human colon cancer cells.

Nutrient removal from synthetic and secondary treated sewage and tannery wastewater through phycoremediation

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Chlorococcum Sp 클로로코컴 Sp

Chlorococcum Sp 클로로코컴 Sp
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