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Chlorine Gas sentence examples within active posterior rhinomanometry

Irritant‐induced Nasal Obstruction in Intermittent Allergic Rhinitis: Mechanistic Studies: 714

Detectable IgG against a Cimex lectularius allergen after a report of bed bug bites among NYC children: 716

Chlorine Gas sentence examples within Toxic Chlorine Gas

Membrane-based Sensing Systems for Real-time Monitoring Chlorine and Ammonia

Temporal Trends in Cardiovascular Hospital Discharges Following a Mass Chlorine Exposure Event in Graniteville, South Carolina

Chlorine Gas sentence examples within chlorine gas exposure

In-vivo analysis of acute chlorine gas inhalation injury using optical coherence tomography (OCT) in rabbit model

Designing and executing a functional exercise to test a novel informatics tool for mass casualty triage

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Chlorine Gas sentence examples within chlorine gas flow

A study on the growth enhancement effects of chlorine on carbon nanotube forest in chloride-mediated chemical vapor deposition

Kinetics of Magnesium and Calcium Extraction from Fly Ash by Carbochlorination

Chlorine Gas sentence examples within chlorine gas leakage

An immediate onsite chlorine leakage disaster management plan

Emergency Evacuation Plan for Hazardous Chemicals Leakage Accidents Using GIS-based Risk Analysis Techniques in South Korea

Room Temperature Chemiresistive Properties of polypyrrole/Tin Oxide Hybrid Nanocomposites

Three dimensional transient analysis of bubble dynamics in centrifugal bubble singlet oxygen generator for scalable COIL

Increases in exposure calls related to selected cleaners and disinfectants at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic: data from Canadian poison centres.

Development of chlorine-induced lung injury in the anesthetized, spontaneously breathing pig

Formation of Catalytically Active Nanoparticles Under Thermolysis of Silver Chloroplatinate(II) and Chloroplatinate(IV)

Disinfection/Ammonia Removal from Aquaculture Wastewater and Disinfection of Irrigation Water using Electrochemical Flow Cells: A Case Study in Hawaii.

Recent advances in electrocatalytic chloride oxidation for chlorine gas production

Personal Passive Air Samplers for Chlorinated Gases Generated from the Use of Consumer Products

A new method to determine AgCl(1% mol)/Ag electrode potential versus the standard chloride electrode potential in a LiCl-KCl eutectic

Experimental evidence that halogen bonding catalyzes the heterogeneous chlorination of alkenes in submicron liquid droplets

Spontaneous pneumomediastinum in accidental chlorine gas inhalational injury: case report and review of literature

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Anthropogenic emissions of atomic chlorine precursors in the Yangtze River Delta region, China.

Emergency Response Plan for Methane and Chlorine with Dispersion Modelling Using CAMEO.

Effects of Two Chlorine Gas Attacks on Hospital Admission and Clinical Outcomes in Kafr Zita, Syria

Comparison of disinfectants for drinking water: chlorine gas vs. on-site generated chlorine

Forensic issues arising in the assessment of chlorine-related deaths in a domestic setting

Halogens go retro

PBL Teaching Method in Biochemistry Teaching

Indoor chlorine gas release in a natatorium: A case study.

Effect of cations on the removal rate of chloride ions and mechanism analysis in high-salt wastewater.

Safety and toxicology assessment of sodium nitrite administered by intramuscular injection.

Environmental cost and impacts of chemicals used in agriculture: An integration of emergy and Life Cycle Assessment

Molecular mechanisms of atomic layer etching of cobalt with sequential exposure to molecular chlorine and diketones.

Ionic liquids with polychloride anions as effective oxidants for the dissolution of UO2.

A Comparison of Irrigation-Water Containment Methods and Management Strategies Between Two Ornamental Production Systems to Minimize Water Security Threats

Purification of Zirconium Cladding Using a Chloride Volatility Process

Corrosion of High Carbon Steel by Bacteria under Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions

New Dissolution Process of Iridium to Hydrochloric Acid

Removal of Mg and MgO By-Products Through Magnesiothermic Reduction of Ti Powder in Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis

Chlorine exposure during a biological decontamination study in a mock subway tunnel

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Emergency management of chlorine gas exposure – a systematic review

Choking agents and chlorine gas - history, pathophysiology, clinical effects and treatment.

Evolution of large area TiS2-TiO2 heterostructures and S-doped TiO2 nano-sheets on titanium foils


Somatic embryogenesis and regeneration of Kenyan wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes from mature embryo explants

Microscale pattern etch of 4H–SiC by inductively coupled plasma

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Hazard Mapping and Vulnerable Population Estimation of Chlorine Gas Dispersion

Understanding the Synergic Corrosion Issues with Regard to the Water Treatment Station

Extraction of Potassium from Microcline by Chlorination

Fungal endophytes in bananas cv Manzano affected by Fusarium

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Chlorination management in commercial fresh produce processing lines

Zirconium chloride molecular species: combining electron impact mass spectrometry and first principles calculations

Reduction of chlorate and regeneration of activated carbon used for chlorate adsorption

Handling of Brine Effluent of Desalination Plantthrough Producing Chemicals

Investigation of a novel photoelectrochemical hydrogen production system

Toxic Effects of Chlorine Gas and Potential Treatments: A Literature Review.

De-chlorination of drinking water by forced aeration

Redox potential measurement of AgCl in molten LiCl-KCl salt using chronopotentiometry and potentiodynamic scan techniques

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Investigating the Risk Posed by Chlorine Incident Release under Wind Rose Effect: An Industrial Case Study

Bio)electrochemical recovery of ammonia from urine

Monitoring the extraction of copper from chicken dung leachate using an aluminium electrode as an indicator

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Chlorine Gas 염소 가스

Chlorine Gas 염소 가스
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