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A Study of Combining Elastin in the Chitosan Electrospinning to Increase the Mechanical Strength and Bioactivity

Synthesis and Characterization of 2-Decenoic Acid Modified Chitosan for Infection Prevention and Tissue Engineering

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Fabrication of Multi-Layered Bone Scaffolds using Femtosecond Pulsed Lasers

Synthesis and characterization of modified chitosan membranes for applications in electrochemical capacitor

Ionic and covalent crosslinking in chitosan-succinic acid membranes: Effect on physicochemical properties.

Chitosan membranes from acetic acid and imidazolium ionic liquids: Effect of imidazolium structure on membrane properties

Chitosan Nanofibers in Regenerative Medicine

Preparation and Characterization of PVDF/g-C3N4/chitosan Nanocomposite Membrane for the Removal of Direct Blue 14 Dye

Synthesis Polyelectrolyte Complex Membrane Polystyrene Sufonate-Chitosan from Styrofoam Waste as The Adsorbent for Cu(II) and Ni(II) Metal

Self‐Cleaning Integrative Aerogel for Stable Solar‐Assisted Desalination

The characteristics of membrane chitosan from Mytilus sp and potential used in water treatment

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Effect of Weak Magnetic Field on the Structure and Physical Properties of Chitosan Membranes

Characterization and efficacy of chitosan membranes in the treatment of skin ulcers

A Simple Methodology to Estimate the Diffusion Coefficient in Pervaporation-Based Purification Experiments

Investigating the usefulness of chitosan based proton exchange membranes tailored with exfoliated molybdenum disulfide nanosheets for clean energy applications.

Chitosan Membrane Modified With a New Zinc(II)-Vanillin Complex Improves Skin Wound Healing in Diabetic Rats

Characterization of sPEEK/chitosan membrane for the direct methanol fuel cell

Chitin and Chitosan Derivative Membranes in Resources, Energy, Environmental and Medical Field

Gamma radiation-induced crosslinked composite membranes based on polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan/AgNO3/vitamin E for biomedical applications.

Enhanced effects of electrospun collagen-chitosan nanofiber membranes on guided bone regeneration

Characteristics of melanocyte spheroids formed through different biomaterial-induced processes.

Synthesis and performance evaluation of PES/chitosan membranes coated with polyamide for acid mine drainage treatment

Structural and biological evaluation of new chitosan membrane for dural closure

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Chitosan Membranes 키토산 막

Chitosan Membranes 키토산 막
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