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Temperament as a moderator of the association of cumulative risk with preadolescent appraisal and coping style

Pediatric Acquired Disability: Child and Parental Adjustment

Implicit Aspects of Relationships as Predictors of Adjustment in Middle Childhood; Mutual Recognition and Role Confusion

Teacher Expectations and Parental Stress During Emergency Distance Learning and Their Relationship to Students’ Perception

Parent emotional regulation: A meta-analytic review of its association with parenting and child adjustment

Maternal Executive Functions, Maternal Discipline, and Children’s School Readiness: A Process Oriented Approach

The Implications of Early Marital Conflict for Children’s Development

Family Function and Child Adjustment Difficulties in the COVID-19 Pandemic: An International Study

Children’s Reactions to War, Armed Conflict and Displacement: Resilience in a Social Climate of Support

The Parent–Child Patient Unit (PCPU): Evidence-Based Patient Room Design and Parental Distress in Pediatric Cancer Centers

A Little Autonomy Support Goes a Long Way: Daily Autonomy‐Supportive Parenting, Child Well‐Being, Parental Need Fulfillment, and Change in Child, Family, and Parent Adjustment Across the Adaptation to the COVID‐19 Pandemic


Parental mediation on children’s emotional behavioral adjustment in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Parasympathetic Activity, Emotion Socialization and Internalizing and Externalizing Problems in Children: Longitudinal Associations Between and Within Families

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Childrens Adjustment 어린이 조정

Childrens Adjustment 어린이 조정
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