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Xiang Study: an association of breastmilk composition with maternal body mass index and infant growth during the first 3 month of life

Direct and Indirect Effects of Maternal, Paternal, and Offspring Genotypes: Trio-GCTA

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Psychotic experiences are associated with health anxiety and functional somatic symptoms in preadolescence.

Landfills and preterm birth in the Guadeloupe archipelago (French West Indies): a spatial cluster analysis

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Bone mineral density at age 7 years does not associate with adherence to vitamin D supplementation guidelines in infancy or vitamin D status in pregnancy and childhood: an Odense Child Cohort study

Health anxiety symptoms in Danish children during the first lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic: an Odense Child Cohort study.

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150 Impact of Behavioral Disorders and their Pharmacological Treatment on the Maturational Trajectories of NREM Slow Wave Activity

178 Sleep Disparities in Adolescent Women: Role of Pubertal Development, Menstrual Cycle and Premenstrual Symptoms

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Precursors of self-reported subclinical hypomania in adolescence: A longitudinal general population study

Psychotic experiences are associated with health anxiety and functional somatic symptoms in preadolescence.

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Associations of media use and early childhood development: cross-sectional findings from the LIFE Child study

Concentrations of Oligosaccharides in Human Milk and Child Growth

Child Cohort sentence examples within Jintan Child Cohort

Serum Micronutrient Status, Sleep Quality and Neurobehavioral function among Early Adolescents.

Lower serum selenium concentration associated with anxiety in children.

Child Cohort sentence examples within Longhua Child Cohort

Combination Effect of Outdoor Activity and Screen Exposure on Risk of Preschool Myopia: Findings From Longhua Child Cohort Study

Association between greater residential greenness and decreased risk of preschool myopia and astigmatism.

Child Cohort sentence examples within Prospective Child Cohort

Soil-transmitted helminth infection in pregnancy and long-term child neurocognitive and behavioral development: A prospective mother-child cohort in Benin

Multimorbidity in early childhood and socioeconomic disadvantage: findings from a large New Zealand child cohort.

Child Cohort sentence examples within Mother Child Cohort

Household Density and Influences from Family and Friends Shape Vaccine Intent Among Latino Families in the San Francisco Bay Area

Genetics of Adhd Dimensions

Child Cohort sentence examples within Two Child Cohort

Delivery mode and perinatal antibiotics influence the predicted metabolic pathways of the gut microbiome

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Respiratory Infectious Diseases in Primary Care Practice in Children

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278Sources and health risk of exposure to neonicotinoids in Chinese children: A biomonitoring-based stud

Urinary antibiotic level of school children in Shanghai, East China, 2017-2020.

Child Cohort sentence examples within child cohort study

Birth Order Differences in Education Are Environmental in Origin

The Xi’an longitudinal mother–child cohort study: design, study population and methods

Child Cohort sentence examples within child cohort 2000

Precursors of self-reported subclinical hypomania in adolescence: A longitudinal general population study

Psychotic experiences are associated with health anxiety and functional somatic symptoms in preadolescence.

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Wood emissions and asthma development: Results from an experimental mouse model and a prospective cohort study.

Elevated Gestational IL-13 During Fetal Development Is Associated With Hyperactivity and Inattention in Eight-Year-Old Children

Prenatal phthalate exposures and executive function in preschool children

Pubarche and Gonadarche Onset and Progression Are Differently Associated With Birth Weight and Infancy Growth Patterns

Absence of detection of RSV and influenza during the COVID-19 pandemic in a Brazilian cohort: Likely role of lower transmission in the community

Young, poor, and sick: The public health threat of energy poverty for children in Ireland

Prenatal and postnatal exposure to acetaminophen in relation to autism spectrum and attention-deficit and hyperactivity symptoms in childhood: Meta-analysis in six European population-based cohorts

Prediction of Type 1 Diabetes at Birth: Cord Blood Metabolites vs Genetic Risk Score in the Norwegian Mother, Father, and Child Cohort

High-resolution metabolomics of exposure to tobacco smoke during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes in the Atlanta African American maternal-child cohort.

Understanding participation in European cohort studies of preterm children: the views of parents, healthcare professionals and researchers

Reduced metagenomic sequencing (RMS) approach to determine the gut-associated phageome in mother-child

The association between maternal urinary phthalate metabolites concentrations and pregnancy induced hypertension: Results from the EDEN Mother-Child Cohort.

Exploring associations between prenatal exposure to multiple endocrine disruptors and birth weight with exposure continuum mapping.

Prenatal exposure to neurotoxic metals and micronutrients and neurodevelopmental outcomes in early school age children from Poland.

Informatics Methodology Used in the Web-Based Portal of the NASCITA Cohort Study: Development and Implementation Study

Changes in Body Size during Early Growth Are Independently Associated with Arterial Properties in Early Childhood

A 26-Year Study of Restraint Fatalities Among Children and Adolescents in the United States: A Failure of Organizational Structures and Processes

Associations between Inhaled Corticosteroid in the First 6 Years of Life and Obesity Related Traits.

Breastfeeding Associations with Childhood Obesity and Body Composition: Findings from a Racially Diverse Maternal-Child Cohort.

Increasing Severity of Early-Onset Atopic Dermatitis, But Not Late-Onset, Associates with Development of Aeroallergen Sensitization and Allergic Rhinitis in Childhood.

Air Pollution and Urban Green Space: Evidence of Environmental Injustice in Adama, Ethiopia

Changes in self-concept and risk of psychotic experiences in adolescence: a longitudinal population based cohort study.

Early Childhood Anemia in a Birth Cohort in Coastal Kenya: Links to Infection and Nutrition

Prenatal exposure to glycol ethers and motor inhibition function evaluated by functional MRI at the age of 10 to 12 years in the PELAGIE mother-child cohort.

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Exposure to heavy metals during pregnancy related to gestational diabetes mellitus in diabetes-free mothers.

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Thyroid hormones and neurobehavioral functions among adolescents chronically exposed to groundwater with geogenic arsenic in Bangladesh.

Sex differences in psychomotor development during the preschool period: A longitudinal study of the effects of environmental factors and of emotional, behavioral, and social functioning.

Composition and Variation of the Human Milk Microbiota Are Influenced by Maternal and Early-Life Factors.

Early-Life Cadmium Exposure and Bone-Related Biomarkers: A Longitudinal Study in Children

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Multiple Breath Washout for Diagnosing Asthma and Persistent Wheeze in Young Children

Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Variability, and Adiposity in Caribbean Pre-pubertal Children

The impact of prescription drug co-payments for publicly insured families

Reduced IL-2 response from peripheral blood mononuclear cells exposed to bacteria at 6 months of age is associated with elevated total-IgE and allergic rhinitis during the first 7 years of life

Human milk fatty acid composition is associated with dietary, genetic, sociodemographic, and environmental factors in the CHILD Cohort Study.

Children mono-sensitized to Can f 5 show different reactions to male- and female dog allergen extract provocation: a randomized controlled trial.

Associations between Maternal Health-Related Quality of Life during Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes: The Generation R Study

Smoking in pregnancy, cord blood cotinine and risk of celiac disease diagnosis in offspring