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Disentangling nature from nurture in examining the interplay between parent-child relationships, ADHD, and early academic attainment.

Prenatal tobacco exposure and ADHD symptoms at pre-school age: the Hokkaido Study on Environment and Children’s Health

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[Can ADHD have an adulthood onset?]

Does helping mothers in multigenerational ADHD also help children in the long run? 2-year follow-up from baseline of the AIMAC randomized controlled multicentre trial

Maternal Thyroid Function in Early Pregnancy and Child Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: An Individual-Participant Meta-Analysis.

Barriers and predictors of medication use for childhood ADHD: findings from a UK population-representative cohort

Assessing phenotypic and polygenic models of ADHD to identify mechanisms of risk for longitudinal trajectories of externalizing behaviors.

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Maternal psychosocial stress and children’s ADHD diagnosis: a prospective birth cohort study

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Child Adhd 아동 ADHD

Child Adhd 아동 ADHD
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