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Seed Productivity of Coenopopulations of Tulipa Gesneriana L. (Liliaceae) on the Ergeninskaya Upland (Within the Boundaries of the Republic of Kalmykia)

Water supply intensity during drip irrigation of vegetable crops

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Water consumption and irrigation regime of seed alfalfa under the conditions of regional climate change in the southern Steppe of Ukraine

Physicochemical and Biological Indicators of Soils in an Organic Farming System

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Effect of Inorganic Fertilizers and Soil Cultivation on the Crop Yield of Summer Soybean Plantings (Western Azerbaijan)

Assessment of the dynamics of the main agrochemical indicators of irrigated chestnut soils under risk farming conditions in Stavropol

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Quantification of the Parameters of Zones and Facies of Chestnut Soils in Russia on the Basis of the Climatic-Soil-Textural Index

Molecular structure of humus acids in soils

Светлогумусовые аккумулятивно-карбонатные и палево-метаморфические почвы коллекции Центрального музея почвоведения: верификация типовой диагностики

Water Retention Capacity of Soils in the Altai Region

Studies on the drought tolerance of species of the genus CELTIS L. for forest reclamation plantations

Почвы восточного Приольхонья на побережье озера байкал: современное состояние и использование

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Resource-saving techniques for increasing tomato productivity

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Tomato fertigation in an open ground

Mapping and Assessment of Sealing Rate of Soils in the City of Volgograd

Influence of methods and technology of nitrogen fertilizer application in early spring fertilization on winter wheat productivity in arid zone of South of Russia

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Анализ географии распространения представителей рода Corylus L. и их сезонные феноклиматические закономерности плодоношения

Data on the productivity of plant cover of the main types of soils of the North-Western precaspian in connection with the dynamics of ecological factors

Assessment of Ecotoxicity of Soils Contaminated by Heavy Metals

Concentration, Translocation, and Balance of Phosphorous in Grassland Ecosystems of Semidesert Landscapes in the Northwestern Caspian Sea Regions

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Chestnut Soils 밤나무 토양

Chestnut Soils 밤나무 토양
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