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Tuning electronic phase in noncentrosymmetric quantum spin Hall insulators through physical stimuli

β12-Borophene becomes a semiconductor and semimetal via a perpendicular electric field and dilute charged impurity.

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Fixed-phase diffusion Monte Carlo study of activation gap and skyrmion excitations of a ν=1 system in the presence of charged impurities

The strain- and impurity-dependent electron states and catalytic activity of graphene in a static magnetic field

Effect of High-κ Dielectric Layer on 1/f Noise Behavior in Graphene Field-Effect Transistors

Crystal lattice vibrations near charged center in dielectrics and semiconductors

Atomic layer deposited Al2O3 passivation layer for few-layer WS2 field effect transistors

Toward growth of wafer-scale single-crystal hexagonal boron nitride sheets

Monte Carlo Simulation of Kinetic Phenomena in Solids Using OpenACC Parallel Computing Technology

Anomalous Exciton Hall Effect.

Universal mobility characteristics of graphene originating from charge scattering by ionised impurities

Intrinsic and extrinsic effects on intraband optical conductivity of hot carriers in photoexcited graphene

Competition between the Spin and Pseudospin Subsystems in a Model Cuprate

Graphene films decorated with TiO2 grown by atomic layer deposition: Characterization and photocatalytic activity study under UV–visible light

Band-tail Formation and Band-gap Narrowing Driven by Polar Optical Phonons and Charged Impurities in Atomically Resolved III-V Semiconductors and Nanodevices

Phase diagrams of a 2D Ising spin-pseudospin model

Spin Transport in Armchair Silicene Nanoribbon on the Substrate: The Role of Charged Impurity

Extrinsic spin-orbit coupling and spin relaxation in phosphorene

Microscopic nonlinear quantum theory of absorption of coherent electromagnetic radiation in doped bilayer graphene

Strain induced mobility enhancement in p-type silicon structures: Bulk and quantum well (quantum kinetic approach)

Unique Constant Phase Element Behavior of the Electrolyte–Graphene Interface

Overview of wastewater treatment methods with special focus on biopolymer chitin-chitosan.

Predictive Electro and Thermal Quantum Transport in Nanoscale Devices

Effects of electrostatic environment on the electrically triggered production of entangled photon pairs from droplet epitaxial quantum dots

Gauge-phonon dominated resistivity in twisted bilayer graphene near magic angle

Influence of Charged Dislocation on Mobility in Degenerate Homoepitaxial Si-Doped Ga2O3 Films on $(\overline{2}01)\ \beta$-Ga2O3 by Laser Molecular Beam Epitaxy

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Charged Impurities 대전된 불순물

Charged Impurities 대전된 불순물
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