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Monitoring soil microorganisms with community-level physiological profiles using Biolog EcoPlates™ in Chaohu lakeside wetland, east China

Role of Differences in Surface Diurnal–Nocturnal Thermodynamics over Complex Terrain in a Squall Line Process

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Ecological security assessment of Chaohu Lake Basin of China in the context of River Chief System reform

[Effects of Exogenous Carbon Addition on Equilibrium Phosphate Concentration and Risk of Phosphorus Release from Sediments in the Shiwuli River, Chaohu Lake Basin].

Temporal trends of polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the sediment cores from different areas in China.

Fuzzy Evaluation of Water Quality Based on Micronucleus Technology of Vicia faba Root Tip

The spatial and seasonal variations of bacterial community structure and influencing factors in river sediments.

Water quality assessment of an urban river receiving tail water using the single-factor index and principal component analysis

Harmless disposal and resource utilization of wastes from the lake in China: Dewatering, composting and safety evaluation of fertilizer


Mediation of functional gene and bacterial community profiles in the sediments of eutrophic Chaohu Lake by total nitrogen and season.

Sediment phosphorus fraction and release potential in the major inflow rivers of Chaohu Lake, Eastern China

Evaluation of Sediment-associated Heavy Metal Pollution in Chaohu Lake, Eastern China

An Approach for Processing the Real-time Monitoring Data of Water Quality and Its Application in Water Quality Evaluating

Water-Quality Classification of Inland Lakes Using Landsat8 Images by Convolutional Neural Networks

Holocene fire in relation to environmental change and human activity reconstructed from sedimentary charcoal of Chaohu Lake, East China

Responses of water quality and phytoplankton assemblages to remediation projects in two hypereutrophic tributaries of Chaohu Lake.

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Distribution, bioaccumulation and trophic transfer of trace metals in the food web of Chaohu Lake, Anhui, China.

Cyanobacteria derived taste and odor characteristics in various lakes in China: Songhua Lake, Chaohu Lake and Taihu Lake.

Identifying the Driving Factors of Black Bloom in Lake Bay through Bayesian LASSO

Application of Bayesian network including Microcystis morphospecies for microcystin risk assessment in three cyanobacterial bloom-plagued lakes, China.

Temporal and spatial variations of bacterial community compositions in two estuaries of Chaohu Lake

Sediment phosphorus release in response to flood event across different land covers in a restored wetland

Purification of Phycocyanin from Chaohu Algae by Various Salting out Methods

The complete mitogenome and phylogenetic analysis of Coilia brachygnathus (Clupeiformes: Engraulidae) from Chaohu Lake

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Spatiotemporal variations of spectral characteristics of dissolved organic matter in river flowing into a key drinking water source in China.

Watershed scale patterns in steroid hormones composition and content characters at a typical eutrophic lake in southeastern China

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Chaohu Lake 차오후 호수

Chaohu Lake 차오후 호수
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