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Channels Filled sentence examples within Large Channels Filled

A Copper(I)-Thioarsenate(III) Inorganic Framework Directed by [Ni(en)3]2.

Water Vapor Single-Gas Selectivity via Flexibility of Three Potential Materials for Autonomous Indoor Humidity Control

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Impact of Thermal Stratification on Unsteady Natural Convection Couette Flow Formation in a Vertical Channel Filled with Anisotropic Porous Material

Three-dimensional simulation of different flow fields of proton exchange membrane fuel cell using a multi-phase coupled model with cooling channel

Channels Filled sentence examples within Cylindrical Channels Filled

Modeling of the nitrous oxide synthesis in a microchannel reactor: the effect of parameters on the temperature regimes and output

Modeling the Synthesis of Nitrous Oxide in a Microchannel Reactor: Effect of Parameters on Temperature Regimes and Capacity

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Passive seismic HVSR surveying for groundwater exploration at the Chilalo Graphite Project, Tanzania

Stick‐On Large‐Strain Sensors for Soft Robots

A Homochiral Coordination Polymer Based on Copper(II), S-Malic Acid, and Biphenyl-3,3′,5,5′-Tetracarboxilic Acid


Multi-Material Soft Strain Sensors with High Gauge Factors for Proprioceptive Sensing of Soft Bending Actuators

Ultrasound assessment of translation of microbubbles driven by acoustic radiation force in a channel filled with stationary fluid.

3D-Printed Soft Structure of Polyurethane and Magnetorheological Fluid: A Proof-of-Concept Investigation of its Stiffness Tunability

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Channels Filled 채워진 채널

Channels Filled 채워진 채널
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