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Lanthanide chains containing the naphthalenyl nitronyl nitroxide radical

Azido-cobalt(II) coordination polymers exhibiting slow magnetic relaxation and metamagnetic transition

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New porous Co(II)-based metal-organic framework including 1D ferromagnetic chains with highly selective gas adsorption and slow magnetic relaxation

Slow Magnetic Relaxation of Co(II) Single Chains Embedded within Metal-Organic Superstructures.

End-to-End Azido-Bridged Lanthanide Chain Complexes (Dy, Er, Gd, and Y) with a Pentadentate Schiff-Base [N3O2] Ligand: Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetism.

Azide and carboxylate as simultaneous coupler for magnetic coordination polymers

Tuning the magnetization dynamics of TbIII-based single-chain magnets through substitution on the nitronyl nitroxide radical.

Chiral supramolecular nanotubes of single-chain magnets.

Effect of thermal treatment upon the structure incommensurability and magnetism of the spin chain oxide Sr3CaMn2CoO9+δ

Single-chain magnets assembled in cobalt(ii) metal-organic frameworks.

Slow magnetic relaxation, antiferromagnetic ordering and metamagnetism in MnII(H2dapsc)-FeIII(CN)6 chain complex with highly anisotropic Fe-CN-Mn spin coupling.

Molecular Magnets

A cobalt(II) chain based on pymca generated in situ from the hydrolysis of 2-cyanopyrimidine: spin canting and magnetic relaxation

An unusual homospin CoII ferrimagnetic single-chain magnet with large hysteresis

Magnetization-induced shape transformations in flexible ferromagnetic rings

Origin of up-up-down-down magnetic order in Cu2GeO4

Low dimensional magnetism in the trirutile tantalates Co 1 − xMg xTa 2O 6 with weak-ferromagnetic features

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Chain Magnet 체인 자석

Chain Magnet 체인 자석
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